Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My favorite moments of 2010!

Well, 2010 has hung its hat. Does anyone else think that is weird?
I do.
2010 seriously flew by.
It was a year full of fun and awesomeness and I want to reflect on the top moments.
(In no particular order.)

1. The Winter Olympics.
I love the Olympics! They are always so inspiring.
I've always wondered what it's like to be SO good at something.
Yes, I have been blessed with many talents, but there's not one that I am just SO ridiculous at, unlike Olympians.
I love the competitiveness, I love all the nations coming together, I love cheering for the USA, and I love just holing up and watching.
This picture is from a little shindig I held to watch the Olympics...complete with mini corn dogs.
2. Seeing THREE of my best friends get married.
All of them bit the dust in the same year. It has definitely been a year of weddings and love. Katie Claire tied the knot on April 17th, Leah just a short time after, and Brittany at the end of the summer.
I love that my friends have picked guys that love them and that I can be friends with their husbands.
It is always awkward when your friends marry guys you do not like, so I'm grateful I get along with their significant others.
3. My sister getting pregnant with my niece!
I remember so clearly when Kar told me. I was at Charlotte Russe working. I answered the phone and this is how our conversation went:
Me: "Charlotte Russe at University Mall, this is Kaycie."
Karly: "Kayc, it's Karly."
Me: "Karly?"
Karly: "Yeah, Karly...your sister?!"
Me: "I KNOW who you are, I'm just not used to hearing you while at work."
Karly: "Well, I called your phone and it was off. I called Magleby's and you weren't there so
I figured you had to be at Charlotte."
Me: "Ok, well that's kinda stalkerish, but whatever..."
Karly: "Yeah, well I have something to tell you."
Me: "Ok..."
Karly: "I'm...PREGNANT!"
Me: *silence* then *crying*
I was SO excited! Yeah, I started crying AT work and told everyone that walked in!
That was a happy day.
Ms. Laela is going to be born any day now and I don't know if any other aunt has ever been as excited as I am!
Can't wait to hold that little bundle!
4. EFY!
EFY is always a highlight of my year, the last 4 years.
I love that EFY has been able to be a part of my life basically since I was 12.
I went as a participant ages 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18 and have been able to work at ages 20, 21, 22, 23, and soon to be 24.
This past summer I was the coordinator, alongside my trusty partner, Ammon.
EFY, as always, was fabulous again and always makes me re-evaluate my life to make sure I'm where I need to be.
I'm always grateful for the experiences I have, the friendships I strengthen and gain, the
Spirit I feel, the lessons learned,and the testimony I gain.
To read my EFY post, click here.
5. Dancing in a drum circle.
When EFY was over, my flight from Tampa back to
Salt Lake City was 2 days after EFY ended. So my dear friends and I all camped out at Nina's house for the weekend.
One night we went to the beach where we took some awesome pictures and walked around. There was a drum circle going on and my friends decided I should go in and dance.
I was scared at first, but I just did it and I am SO glad I did.
It was quite exhilarating! I felt so fresh and spontaneous!
After a few mins some of my friends joined me and we had a blast! From then on out everyone called me Shakira since my hips were definitely not lying! :)
6. Life Changing Concerts!
I've seen some good concerts in my life: 98 Degrees, *Nsync, Justin Timberlake, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Colbie Caillat...just to name a few.
But WOW...this year offered some concerts that were seriously record charting in my book.
I got to see Mr. John Mayer in August at the Usana Ampitheater.
He was seriously so great. He is SO talented.
Not to mention I went with a ton of great friends, so that made it even better being able to dance, sing, and rock out with them!
Then in November I was ever so privileged to see Sara Bareilles!
She was SO amazing and I aspire to be like her.
To see my post on her concert, click here.
7. Braves Playoff Game in San Francisco!
Seriously one of the greatest experiences of my entire life!
When the Braves headed to the playoffs, my die hard friends and I decided to get our butts to CA and support our boys!
My friends searched for tickets and finally got 5 of them and we headed out!
We left at 11 p.m. on a Thurs night, drove the 12 hours there, slept for 30 mins at Ashley's family's house, went to the Golden Gate Bridge, then went to the AT&T Park a few hours early, watched the game, and immediately drove back to Provo so we got back at noon on Sat. Talk about a quick trip, but OH SO WORTH IT!
That was the best game I have ever witnessed.
It was the only game the Braves won that series AND it was from coming from behind with our bench players...what?!
It was Bobby Cox's last ejection AND last win of his career.
I've never been so invested in a game before.
There were moments where I had to lean against the railing I was shaking so bad.
It never felt sweeter to win than that night because Giants fans were SO classless.
The entire road trip home (whenever all 5 of us were awake) we would say, "Remember how we just experienced that?!"
It was SO great.
Playoff games are rad...worth every penny.
To see that post, click here.
8. Getting my job at New Haven.
Is it hard?
Oh mercy yes.
But the good moments TOTALLY outweigh the times where you want to hide in the staff office.
I love those girls with all my heart and I have loved everything I have learned while working there.

9. Living with such awesome roommates!
I was SO blessed with the roommates I received when moving into my house.
I only knew Ash, which was great, but I was scared not knowing the other 4.
I could not have lucked out better.
They are each such amazing girls.
Ashley, Brittany, Megan, Amelia, & Suzanne are such amazing people and I have loved living with them...and Nicole, our honorary roomie! :)
10. Celebrating 30 years of being a forever family!
December 19th, 2010 marked 30 years since my parents went to the temple with Krista (as a wee and Karly in the womb) to get sealed as an eternal family.
I am SO grateful that they made that decision so that I could be born into such circumstances.
They have started a chain that I hope goes on for generations to come.
11. BYU Graduate!
I do not walk and have official graduation until April, but I am a BYU graduate!
I finished up everything this December and it feels awesome!
I am so excited for all of the festivities come April!
12. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, having Alexander Michael Foster become my other half.
I never expected this year to turn into a year of falling in love, but it has.
Alex is the best boyfriend anyone could ask for.
Do we have our differences? Sure...but who doesn't?
We get over them so quickly, because neither one of us can stand it, that they just end up laughter worthy.
He has taught me so much about myself and more of what I want out of life.
He's so caring, loving, thoughtful, and honors his Priesthood.
Not to mention...I think he's quite the stud.
I'm so grateful for the journey we've taken this year, even with its ups and downs.
We're better for it and he has made 2010 such an awesome year.
I love you!
More posts on him? Click here, here, here, and here.

Yes...2010 has been a good year.
Here's to 2011...


Lori said...

I was enjoying reading your top 12 of 2010 when I got to #10 and lost it! Glad you feel the way you do! It's pretty awesome, huh?! Here's to forever...love you!

Ashley Kay said...

i couldn't have made it through this year without you! love love LOVE you so much :)
let's bring on the laughter, tears, and joy of 2010!

Nicole Erin said...

DARLING picture of your mom and dad and sister. Seriously died. AND LOVED THAT I WAS INCLUDED, seriously it always warms my heart. Love you Kaycie