Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Fever

I am so excited for winter to be gone.
I did not do nearly as many "wintry" activities as I had thought I was going to.
I did not go sledding.
I did not go tubing.
I did not make a snowman.
I did not drink hot chocolate all the time.
I think I still have time to go ice skating at 7 Peaks...I should do that.
But in my defense, it is not really my fault.
There has not been nearly as much snow as there normally is!
It has been glorious!
This is the most mild winter I have ever seen here.And yet...I am still ready for it to be warm & sunny everyday!
I'm ready for people laying on the grass on campus.
I'm ready for flip flops [which I do wear some days already.]
I'm ready for smoothies and snow cones, especially since we found this amazzzing new place by the dorms!
I'm ready for finals to be here so this semester can be over!
My schedule is wearing me thin and I pray everyday that time will fly so the end of April will be here!
However, even though these last few months have seemed so mild, in true Utah fashion, I know it will snow like once at the end of March, once at the end of April, and quite possibly a few times in May.But spring...can you hurry up please?
I want to see your tulips and butterflies.
Thank you.

Friday, February 19, 2010

America's Favorite Pastime.

Well's coming...
it really is coming...

Pitchers and Catchers reported on Wed & Thurs and all other players report on Tuesday.
Spring Training is just around the corner and then pretty soon the regular season will be upon us!
if you couldn't tell.
But really...there are few things I love more than my Braves.

And last year was more promising than the season before that.
So hopefully this will be our year to get back on track
and head to the top.
We definitely have the talent
to do it.

Let me introduce you to my 3 fav players on the team:
1. Yunel Escobar - SS2. Chipper Jones - 3rd3. Jair Jurrjens - RHPI love these boys.
And I love baseball and I love the Braves.
I cannot wait to hit up Turner Field when I get home to the South!
Like this not just so exhilarating?!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

McKell. Lyn Forbes. :]

McKell Lyn Forbes is one of my dearest dearest friends.
Like seriously...I can't even describe how awesome she is.
And her birthday was the same as Karly's...Feb 12th.
So I know this birthday post is late...but I only had time to do Karly's on the 12th.
So listen up Kell...this post is all about you! [and you is pretty great.]

Kell, you have blessed my life so so much. From the first time I saw you dance at Club Style I knew you were special...there was just something about you. Sadly, I was caught up in my own life and didn't really hang out with you much til like March. However, once we bonded...I was hooked on you. You made me laugh and my happiness increased, which is exactly what I needed at that time.

I knew you were going to be one of the most caring friends I had from our studying times in the library. Haha...but really...who else would go through the effort of leaving a note on your computer screen [facing in my direction] so in case I woke up from my slumber I wouldn't think you had left me at the library...instead of just going to the bathroom? You're so cute!

We had been friends for like a month, but we were already discussing you coming to visit me in the summer! That's a quick friendship! And I've loved every second of it. We've had some great times, you and I.

You have enriched my life in many ways. Lots of firsts have happened with you: kayaking, four wheeling, moose sighting, "Thriller", Lagoon, etc. I told you being friends with you would open up a whole new world to me...and I was correct.

Kell, I am so excited for your 20th year of life. 20 was a good year...I throughly enjoyed it. I hope you do as well! You're smart. You're beautiful. You're an amazing dancer. You have a strong testimony. You care. You inspire. You have a light. I am so proud to call you one of my bestest best friends. [You da you da best. :]

I love you so much, Kell! Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great day! [I'm embarrassed...don't look at me! hahaha!]

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Kar Kar!

Dear Big Sister,
I don't know why, but I am already emotional.
Geez...what's my problem...good thing you can't see me cause this is embarrassing.
I want you to know that I think you're so amazing!
You have been such a great big sister and I am beyond happy that it is your birthday today so that I can dedicate a whole blog post just to you!
You are 29 today! Man...where did time go?!
Weren't we like 4 & 10 yesterday?
For your birthday blog I wanted to relive some memories that always stick out in my mind when I think of favorite times with you!*When we were little and I would make you play Barbies with me. Don't worry...I pretty much blackmailed you. "I'll tell mama what you said to me yesterday if you don't play Barbies with me." Oh gosh...but...I know secretly you loved it. Except for you cut my boy Barbie's hair...and it looked terrible.*We didn't really get along a whole lot growing up cause you were mean and I was kinda partial to Krista, but I can remember seeing you fly over your handlebars when we were bike riding and it was the scariest thing my little 3 year old heart had seen. I peddled home as fast as I could!

*When I got my tonsils taken out you were quite the nurse. Except this one time you forgot that I couldn't have certain things and you brought me out a popcorn and Doritos snack while I was on the couch. When I told you I couldn't eat it you got so upset at yourself. I didn't think much of it then, but now it's cute.

*Nsync concert in Jacksonville! Wow...what a time! 9th row and dancing our little hearts out! Definitely a time I will remember forever!

*When I started my period you sent me a package. You were at BYU and I was in the 8th grade. I was SO stoked to get a package from you. I opened it and it was all wrapped in BYU wrapping paper...I was seriously so excited! I opened it and what is it? Oh...just some tampons. I was SO mad!

*Dancing places with you...EFY, church dances, on the boat, etc...wherever it is, you're a great partner!*When we were in our apartment at Crestwood you were sitting on the armrest of the couch. I forget what was said, but you laughed so hard that you fell straight back onto the floor. [more assistance in back problems, yes?] was AWESOME!
*Putting on shows in the living room is one of my favs! Whether it's You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Wicked, Glee, or Britney Spears...we have the best productions hands down.
Well...I think it's apparent I could go on and on about our memories, Karl. We have had some great years...and some not so great years. Haha. If there is one thing I am truly grateful for, it is Krista's mission. Her mission forced us to come together since she could no longer be the middle man. That changed my life. We became the best of friends and our sister circle could be longer a line with Kris in the middle. A circle. A forever circle. I am so grateful to be sealed to you for eternity. You will be one awesome person to be with for forever! :] You are smart, talented, hysterical, giving, and drop dead gorgeous! I know you always say that I should've been born before you because I was more of a big sister...but no. I don't agree with that. I am the baby and you're the big sister. That's the way it was supposed to be and you have been a great role model. I have learned a lot from you.

Happy 29th, Kar...i love you. Lots & Lots.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

over it.

Dear 70s Boy, maybe you being out in Brigham Square every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:50 was funny. Maybe you being in legit 70s garb and having 70s music blaring was funnier. And maybe [just maybe] your pelvic thrusts and other various movements were even funnier. It was a surprise the first time I walked to class. And funny the 2nd week of school. However, we are now in the 6th week of school and it's just not funny anymore. Same music, same outfit, same dance moves, etc. I'm over it and I'm sure a lot of other students are too. Your audience has diminished. So please go get yourself a Jamba or something...cause it's getting old. I don't know if you lost a bet or are just trying to get girl's numbers, but least find a new song.

Sincerely, an old fan.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February is here!

Praise the Lord!
I am kinda not a fan of January. It's cold, it's boring, there are no fun holidays to celebrate, and it seems like everything is so far away in the future!
So I am very happy the month of love has come upon us.
I like February for various reasons including: Karly AND McKell's birthdays [both on the 12th], Valentine's Day [I've had many a good one when I've been single, but now I'm going to have a Valentine!], long weekend for President's Day, & it's shorter so March can come faster!

Anyways, my theme for this month comes from e.e. cummings. He stated:

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."

I do love to laugh. Like for real.
Laughing is awesome!
It makes me instantly happier.

I also love laughter because everyone has a slightly different laugh.
Sometimes mine and Karly's or mine and Kell's come out the same, but for the most part...they are unique. And that's awesome.
So I want to laugh as much as I possibly can in February...and hopefully every day of my life too!

Here are some of my fav YouTube videos that make me laugh every single time!

Seriously so cute!

We got hooked to her music videos at EFY! Another good one is her Disturbia video!

Probably our most quoted video of the school year! So hilarious!

So that is it! Have a happy day! Tell someone you love is February and all. :]