Tuesday, February 9, 2010

over it.

Dear 70s Boy,

ok...so maybe you being out in Brigham Square every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:50 was funny. Maybe you being in legit 70s garb and having 70s music blaring was funnier. And maybe [just maybe] your pelvic thrusts and other various movements were even funnier. It was a surprise the first time I walked to class. And funny the 2nd week of school. However, we are now in the 6th week of school and it's just not funny anymore. Same music, same outfit, same dance moves, etc. I'm over it and I'm sure a lot of other students are too. Your audience has diminished. So please go get yourself a Jamba or something...cause it's getting old. I don't know if you lost a bet or are just trying to get girl's numbers, but regardless...at least find a new song.

Sincerely, an old fan.


Ashley Kay said...

hahaha love it!
so sad I haven't seen him. i guess cause i'm never on campus tuesdays and thursdays!