Sunday, February 14, 2010

McKell. Lyn Forbes. :]

McKell Lyn Forbes is one of my dearest dearest friends.
Like seriously...I can't even describe how awesome she is.
And her birthday was the same as Karly's...Feb 12th.
So I know this birthday post is late...but I only had time to do Karly's on the 12th.
So listen up Kell...this post is all about you! [and you is pretty great.]

Kell, you have blessed my life so so much. From the first time I saw you dance at Club Style I knew you were special...there was just something about you. Sadly, I was caught up in my own life and didn't really hang out with you much til like March. However, once we bonded...I was hooked on you. You made me laugh and my happiness increased, which is exactly what I needed at that time.

I knew you were going to be one of the most caring friends I had from our studying times in the library. Haha...but really...who else would go through the effort of leaving a note on your computer screen [facing in my direction] so in case I woke up from my slumber I wouldn't think you had left me at the library...instead of just going to the bathroom? You're so cute!

We had been friends for like a month, but we were already discussing you coming to visit me in the summer! That's a quick friendship! And I've loved every second of it. We've had some great times, you and I.

You have enriched my life in many ways. Lots of firsts have happened with you: kayaking, four wheeling, moose sighting, "Thriller", Lagoon, etc. I told you being friends with you would open up a whole new world to me...and I was correct.

Kell, I am so excited for your 20th year of life. 20 was a good year...I throughly enjoyed it. I hope you do as well! You're smart. You're beautiful. You're an amazing dancer. You have a strong testimony. You care. You inspire. You have a light. I am so proud to call you one of my bestest best friends. [You da you da best. :]

I love you so much, Kell! Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great day! [I'm embarrassed...don't look at me! hahaha!]


Kell said...

Kayc, thanks so much! You're the best. I'm grateful to have YOU in MY life!!! 20 will be a good year, I can feel it. And I'm so glad we're the best of friends so you can be there with me the whole way to enjoy it. Love you SO much!!! :)

Tsephe Letseja said...

Love the third photo from the top with the polar bear in a scarf and the two of you kissing it on its cheek. Not to sound weird but love the fact that Kell had to stand right up on her toes to reach the bear's cheek, causing her to reveal her awesome calves. Whatever it is she's doing to get them to look like that, she should keep it up.