Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bieber Fever!

I don't know what it is, but I am slightly obsessed with Justin Bieber.
Not in the way that all of teenagers are (cause that would be gross since he was born in 1994) but more in the way that I think he is so adorable, so funny, way talented, and his music is clean and fun!
My love for the Biebs started back in August 2009 when McKell had me listen to this song called "One Time" when he barely started getting his name out there.
I was obsessed with it!
Then my fetish for him began to grow and has only intensified with every single he released.
I love that little purple hoodie wearin kid!

His movie "Never Say Never" came out 2 weeks ago.
Have I been to see it 2 times already?
(Yes...yes I have.)
And if any one wants to go PLEASE let me be your movie partner.
For those of you that know me, I HATE paying full price for movies and usually wait until it goes to the dollar theater.
Hence my love for the Bieber transcending full price.

"Never Say Never" is AMAZING.
It takes you through his life, how he was discovered by Scooter Braun, how Usher sponsored him, and snippets of his tour.
You also get to see how INCREDIBLY talented the kid is!
'Fo real. So talented.

Alex was a good sport and has gone both times I have gone!
After the first time he pulled me aside, once the roommates were out of ear shot (except Megan who still heard) and said, "I actually really liked the movie."
Alex loves the Biebs! :)
Justin Bieber is too great not to love.
(And maybe I want to get a Twitter account solely so I can follow J. Biebs.)

This is the video that really got him a flight to ATL.

Sneak peak of the movie, as well as showing he can do more than just sing.

And lastly, this song never gets old. (Plus Usher is...well, Usher. Greatness.)

**In other news**
There have been rumors of Nsync putting on a comeback tour!!
Be still my heart.
I would pay close to anything to go to that concert!
Please release tour dates SOON!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


So recently I have been doing a lot of thinking.
I'm an adult. A real live ADULT.
When did that happen?
I am almost 24 years old and by no means is that "old," but it definitely is an age where people regard you as responsible and mature.
I try to live up to that standard, but sometimes it is so stressful.
Gone are the days of Freshman year where I had zero work, easy classes, lots of play time, and all the care free of the world.
I love my life, don't get me wrong, but it is out of whack.
I work TOO much. Since I graduated, all of my work places are demanding more of my time, which would be fine if it were only one of those work places...but it is all 3.
I have been putting in far too many hours at work and not many hours into sleep, hobbies, and time with others.
When I was at the gym the other day I had an analogy pop into my head.
I like to chew gum when I am working out because I feel like it makes me go harder.
As I was amidst chewing, I blew a bubble.
Such as this:
Depending on the type of bubble gum, the bubble size varies.
However, no matter how skilled you are in creating such bubble-ness, it always does this:

And that is where I am at.
About to pop.
I have stretched myself in too many directions and I am at the breaking point.
I consider myself good at time management and skilled in my jobs.
But no matter how good I am, I can only go so long before I will look like that cute blonde up above.
So with all of that said...I did it.
I actually took a step in simplifying my life.
I told my manager, Brooke, at Charlotte Russe that I could no longer work there.
She was obviously sad, but said she knew it was coming since I was working so much and that was my lowest paying job.
It was seriously so hard to do.
I am so loyal to things and I felt like I was letting her down.
However, I have to do what is best for me.
We worked out a deal though where I will only work floor sets.
So I will only have to work there when the store is closed, like 10 hours a month.
So no having to deal with customers and I get to keep my discount.
If that isn't great, then I don't know what is.
My last real shift was yesterday.
It felt so liberating to walk out of there and know next week I will have those hours on my hands to do what I want to do.
I will admit, I am going to miss helping people pick out clothing and gain confidence in themselves, but I know I am going to be so much happier.

So long Charlotte Russe's been real.
And here's to being able to practice piano, choreograph dances, watch movies, scrapbook, read, and spend time with those I love!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fire in Chip Form

So Alex is slightly obsessed with hot chips:
Hot Cheetos was his drug of choice for a long time. (Still is.)
He might have turned me on to them...cause I crave them on occasion.
The other day he discovered Hot Doritos and for the first time could not eat an entire bag.
Then yesterday I got this text:

"'ve gotta try Hot Funyuns!!!"

Only my boyfriend...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day with Mr. Foster!

Valentine's Day is such a great day.
I know a lot of people get all upset they don't have a Valentine, but who cares?!
February 14th is a day of love.
And I love love!
It is nice to reflect on all of the people I love as well as those who love me in return.
One of those people being Alex Foster.
He loves me.'s true.
This was actually our 2nd Valentine's Day together.
Last year he told me he loved me the day after, the 15th.
Well...more like I pressured him into saying it.
I knew he wanted to, but was too scared to do it.
So I ever so graciously helped him out and finally got it out of him.
He's grateful...:)
This year our day was split in to 2 days because of work.
On Sunday night Alex made us dinner because we would not have time for a nice dinner on Monday.

It was his very first time ever cooking a whole meal by himself.
He was so nervous. It was so cute!
I gave him his present that night.
I got him a sterling silver guitar pic that said, "Every Day, You Save My Life."
Inspired by this's how I feel about him.
(you can now think "awww" in your head.)
I told him not to get me any presents. I want all of his effort and money going to a special fund...if you catch my drift. :)

After dinner we watched "Glee."
We've been going through the first season....Alex loves it.
It makes me love him that much more.

Then on Monday I had to work and he went to school.
I got off work at 6 and I went home, he picked me up, and we went to grab a quick bite to eat because that is all we had time for.
We went to such a fancy place...Carl's Jr, ladies and gents.
That's right...
Don't worry that my boyfriend got a 7 piece chicken tender, fries, and a jalapeno burger.

I was content with my chicken sandwich and Oreo shake.
We were slightly surprised at how many people were actually at Carl's Jr.
I thought it would be a ghost town.

We headed out of there and went to downtown Provo.
Mindy Gledhill so graciously held a Valentine's concert at Velour.
It was such a perfect way to spend Valentine's evening.
The atmosphere was awesome, the music was mesmerizing, Mindy was darling, and the concert as a whole was magical.
I love the way her music makes me feel.

Alex loved her too.
I mean, who wouldn't? But still...he usually only likes music that was made 40 years ago.
Afterwards we went to say a quick hi and we were on our way.
I grabbed some of her sheet music she had on sale, so I cannot wait to play it!

Other highlights of the day:
Kari making me a pancake with chocolate chips in the shape of a heart while we were working at Magleby's.
Nicole leaving me some Mike & Ike's and a balloon.
Wearing pink and red.
Listening to Justin Timberlake's, "My Love" 3 times in the car.
Ash wanting to take a picture with me.
Getting texts from people.
Krista's card coming in the mail with awesome pics of my fella and me.
Alex telling me he loved me almost every text.

Twas a great day.
I love my family, I love my friends, I love my boyfriend. (I am quite twitterpated with him.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

McKell's (late) Shout-Out!

A VERY special friend of mine had a birthday on Saturday!
She totally deserves some love, even if I AM a slacker and this is 2 days late. it goes...
Do you know my friend McKell?
Her name is actually McKell Lyn Forbes. (But don't say McKell and Lyn too close together so you say Mckelllin...she might hit you.)
She is kinda short, reddish hair, cute freckles and dimples.
She is one of the most rockin dancers I have ever danced with.
Her style will blow you away! (For realsies.)
She has a lot of passion for art history and gets giddy when she talks about it...especially her main squeeze: Van Gogh.
She loves to travel. And she has been lucky enough to travel a lot in her short little 21 years of life.
She has a Jetta named Leo. (and can stick shift with the best of 'em.)
She turned me on to cottage cheese and wheat thins.
She has amazing taste in music.
She loves old musicals and movies. She has been trying to get me to watch Calamity Jane for almost 2 years now...someday, Kell...someday.
She is a great sleepover friend.
Not to mention...she's HILARIOUS.
But those are her outward things....let me REALLY tell you about McKell...

She is a true friend.
She listens.
She's patient.
She's thoughtful.
She's caring.
She is always up for an adventure.
Her texts/calls/visits always come at the right moment.
After being real friends for like 2.67 seconds she decides to visit me on Hilton Head.
She accepts you for who you are.
She will dance like a nutcase with me.
She was the first person I listened to Justin Bieber with. (That's huge.)
She's beautiful inside and out.
She makes a room light up when she steps inside.
She has a killer smile that is contagious.
She makes you feel like you're the funniest person in the world because she laughs at all my jokes...even if no one else thinks it's funny.
She makes me want to be a better person.

Overall, McKell is just an awesome person.
She has so much ambition and drive and it rubs off on others.
She was in New York this year on her birthday so I could not see her in person.
However, I hope to soon so that I can give her a squeeze like in said picture above. ^^

I hope you know I love you, Kell.
You're great...I mean...gweat. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Karly's Birthday!

It's a very special someone's birthday today! And that person would be Mrs. Karly Quilhot Maurer Barksdale!
She is the big 3-0 today!
(which is weird...she was just 23.)
Karly is not JUST my sister...but she is much much more.
If you don't have a sister, you probably don't understand...
But if you DO...then you know that there is just a sister bond that no other relationship has, and no matter what happens or where life takes you, that bond is always there.

(the above picture totally captures our relationship when I was little! [she had just splashed me while I was TRYING to model for the camera.])

Even though it is extremely bizarre that we are all growing up and moving away from each other and not able to spend day after day with each other, we will always be sisters.

Karly is one of the most fun people I know. Even though she's a college graduate, with a real job, and a real family, she's still Karly. She's such a hoot and is down for a lot of craziness.

I've never been more proud of her than the day she became a mother. She's SO good with Laela and mothering suits her. Laela loves her mama and Karly loves her. She's so patient and even with how hard it is to invest all of your time into such a tiny human being, she does it with minimal complaints and a whole lot of maturity. I know Karly will do such a great job with Laela and any other munchkins that come along.

I love you, Karl! Thanks for being my big sister and for being my friend. I will always be grateful for our relationship. You are beautiful, caring, smart, loving, generous, and quite the teacher. Never forget that we all love you so much and would do anything for you. Hope your birthday is full of laughter, food, love, and happiness...because that is what you deserve: the best. Love you!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Love this man!

So in Relief Society on Sunday, the teacher ended with this video.
I just HAD to share.
1. Because I love Pres Hinckley and miss him with my whole heart.
And 2. His message is incredible and made me feel all tingly and great inside.
So feast your souls upon this.

Carry on.
Remember who you are. :)