Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day with Mr. Foster!

Valentine's Day is such a great day.
I know a lot of people get all upset they don't have a Valentine, but who cares?!
February 14th is a day of love.
And I love love!
It is nice to reflect on all of the people I love as well as those who love me in return.
One of those people being Alex Foster.
He loves me.'s true.
This was actually our 2nd Valentine's Day together.
Last year he told me he loved me the day after, the 15th.
Well...more like I pressured him into saying it.
I knew he wanted to, but was too scared to do it.
So I ever so graciously helped him out and finally got it out of him.
He's grateful...:)
This year our day was split in to 2 days because of work.
On Sunday night Alex made us dinner because we would not have time for a nice dinner on Monday.

It was his very first time ever cooking a whole meal by himself.
He was so nervous. It was so cute!
I gave him his present that night.
I got him a sterling silver guitar pic that said, "Every Day, You Save My Life."
Inspired by this's how I feel about him.
(you can now think "awww" in your head.)
I told him not to get me any presents. I want all of his effort and money going to a special fund...if you catch my drift. :)

After dinner we watched "Glee."
We've been going through the first season....Alex loves it.
It makes me love him that much more.

Then on Monday I had to work and he went to school.
I got off work at 6 and I went home, he picked me up, and we went to grab a quick bite to eat because that is all we had time for.
We went to such a fancy place...Carl's Jr, ladies and gents.
That's right...
Don't worry that my boyfriend got a 7 piece chicken tender, fries, and a jalapeno burger.

I was content with my chicken sandwich and Oreo shake.
We were slightly surprised at how many people were actually at Carl's Jr.
I thought it would be a ghost town.

We headed out of there and went to downtown Provo.
Mindy Gledhill so graciously held a Valentine's concert at Velour.
It was such a perfect way to spend Valentine's evening.
The atmosphere was awesome, the music was mesmerizing, Mindy was darling, and the concert as a whole was magical.
I love the way her music makes me feel.

Alex loved her too.
I mean, who wouldn't? But still...he usually only likes music that was made 40 years ago.
Afterwards we went to say a quick hi and we were on our way.
I grabbed some of her sheet music she had on sale, so I cannot wait to play it!

Other highlights of the day:
Kari making me a pancake with chocolate chips in the shape of a heart while we were working at Magleby's.
Nicole leaving me some Mike & Ike's and a balloon.
Wearing pink and red.
Listening to Justin Timberlake's, "My Love" 3 times in the car.
Ash wanting to take a picture with me.
Getting texts from people.
Krista's card coming in the mail with awesome pics of my fella and me.
Alex telling me he loved me almost every text.

Twas a great day.
I love my family, I love my friends, I love my boyfriend. (I am quite twitterpated with him.)


Ashley Kay said...

i made the list of highlights?! oh sweet kaycie, i love you and thanks for making my valentines day special :)

Krista said...

cute. cute. cute.

Glenna (OFFICIALLY) Bartlett said...

Love this!! And I am so so so excited for your "special fund" to finally be...will I out you if I say this...on your finger!! Haha. =) Keep the posts coming! Please!

brittanyc said...

I am so glad you guys are together. You are so down to earth and that is refreshing! Who ever thought I would actually get to know my hopefully someday sister-in-law?! With my family these things aren't guaranteed, you know :)