Saturday, February 12, 2011

Karly's Birthday!

It's a very special someone's birthday today! And that person would be Mrs. Karly Quilhot Maurer Barksdale!
She is the big 3-0 today!
(which is weird...she was just 23.)
Karly is not JUST my sister...but she is much much more.
If you don't have a sister, you probably don't understand...
But if you DO...then you know that there is just a sister bond that no other relationship has, and no matter what happens or where life takes you, that bond is always there.

(the above picture totally captures our relationship when I was little! [she had just splashed me while I was TRYING to model for the camera.])

Even though it is extremely bizarre that we are all growing up and moving away from each other and not able to spend day after day with each other, we will always be sisters.

Karly is one of the most fun people I know. Even though she's a college graduate, with a real job, and a real family, she's still Karly. She's such a hoot and is down for a lot of craziness.

I've never been more proud of her than the day she became a mother. She's SO good with Laela and mothering suits her. Laela loves her mama and Karly loves her. She's so patient and even with how hard it is to invest all of your time into such a tiny human being, she does it with minimal complaints and a whole lot of maturity. I know Karly will do such a great job with Laela and any other munchkins that come along.

I love you, Karl! Thanks for being my big sister and for being my friend. I will always be grateful for our relationship. You are beautiful, caring, smart, loving, generous, and quite the teacher. Never forget that we all love you so much and would do anything for you. Hope your birthday is full of laughter, food, love, and happiness...because that is what you deserve: the best. Love you!


karly... said...

thanks kayc... love you too :) i was trying to figure out what that white thing was on your hand in the blessing picture and then i realized it was laela's sock. :) good times, good times...

brittanyc said...

Ah, you're darling. Your family is darling. Someday I'll have to meet these sisters that look just like you! Love your blog! We'll have to find a time to get together again.