Sunday, March 17, 2013

Turning 26!

Wow...I am 26!
It really is so strange that I am closer to 30 than I am 20.
When did I grow up?
When did I graduate college, get married, become a mother in the making, and oh yeah...turn 26?!
I realize I am not old by any means, but when you start to accomplish all of the main things you pictured for your start to go, "What the heck?!"

I spent 26 half at work and half traveling to/in AZ.
I really need to blog about our baby BOY, but first I wanted to think about my year 25 and what all has happened, so I decided to list my top 25 favorite moments of the year and then put up my 25 favorite photos from being 25!

1. Bike riding in Central Park.  Seriously a dream come true.
2. Running in the Ragnar Wasatch Back.  It was SO hard, but SO fun and SO rewarding!
3. Really coming in to my own at work.  I feel like my instincts are on and that I truly do a great job.  Plus it's nice when you feel valued and get a lot of positive reinforcement. :)
4. Eating breakfast at Tiffany's on 5th Ave in NYC!  Hello, bucket list success!
5. Seeing "Wicked" twice!  I really don't think it's possible to EVER get tired of that show.
6. My friend, Rachel's, wedding.  It's amazing watching people you care about kneel across the alter from their love to get sealed forever!  Plus, when you are bridesmaids with some of your greatest friends, it makes for an AWESOME weekend!
7. Going to the 9/11 Memorial.  It has the most intense feeling that is indescribable.  I truly am in awe about everything that happened there.
8. Celebrating our 1st anniversary!  It flew by and if what everyone says about the first year being the hardest, then boy do we have it made!
9. Going to the water park with Alex A LOT.  That was our favorite summer spot and it was so great!  We had so much fun together!
10. Going home and having a Lowcountry Boil on Christmas Eve.  It really was good for the soul.  I never wanted that moment to end.
11. Visiting the Florida Keys with my parents.  I love going to parts of the country I've never been before.  
12. Going along with 11...swimming with dolphins.  We legitimately SWAM with them.  It seriously was amazing hearing their clicks under water and having them look at you right in the eye.  Just one more reason to add to why they're my fav.
13. Disneyland with my in law family!  It was such a fun week and it really is the happiest place on earth!
14. Repelling off the Corona Arch in Moab, UT.  Did I mention I have the best job?!
15. Putting together the best Christmas program ever!  I'm so grateful for all the help and amazing talent of the people in my ward.  My choir, the narrations, small groups, and solos just all came together so nicely.  My Bishop also said he enjoyed it more than the MoTab Christmas concert.  Even if he was just saying that to be nice...I don't care!
16. Watching my dad and brother in law give Alex a blessing on Christmas Day because my poor husband was so sick.  It's amazing watching the Priesthood in action, especially when it's benefitting someone you care so much about.
17. Seeing the Statue of Liberty in real life.  It's was one of the moments where you think to yourself, " actually is a real thing!"
18. Having my mother clean my house when my parents visited.  I was still in my 1st trimester and not feeling well AT ALL.  While I was at work she (with my dad and husband's help) cleaned up a ton.  It was so relieving to not have to do it when I felt so crappy.
19. Watching my brother in law open his mission call.  I haven't witnessed one in awhile, but it's such a spirit filled moment.  I'm so grateful I could be there for it!
20. Reading "The Anatomy of Peace." Everyone should read it!  It is life changing.
21. Discovering the beauty of Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Wheat Thins dipped in cottage cheese.  UH-MAZING!
22. Having a stint with bangs.  They were slightly more work than I was wanting, but they were fun to experience.  Once I found out I was pregnant, I decided to grow them out because I figured I was not going to want to deal with the extra time on my hair while having a newborn.
23. Taking the test that confirmed I was pregnant!  It was the most nerve wracking/crazy/amazing moment I'm pretty sure I've ever experienced.
24. Watching my husband gradually go from being terrified of being a parent to being excited to be a parent.  At first Alex was hesitant about rubbing my belly or talking to the baby, but slowly he's come around.  Now he loves to rub my belly, say good morning or good night to baby, or put his head up to my tummy.
25. This one barely made it in the 25th year, but finding out our baby was a boy.  I've never felt so much emotion in such a short span of time.

And now 25 pictures.  They are all out of order and I do not have the motivation time to put them in order.
Ragnar.  LOVE my team! (June 2012)
 Sister time at Granddad's funeral. (May 2012)
 Granddad's funeral. (May 2012)
 25th bday party! (March 2012)
 Meeting Audrey. :) (March 2012)
 Hollywood Walk of Stars! (March 2012)
 Seeing the Braves in AZ! (April 2012)
 Laela.  She's just too cute. (May 2012)
 Statue of Liberty! (June 2012)
 Breakfast at Tiffany's! (July 2012)
 Central Park riding! (July 2012)
 NYPD. (June 2012)
 The things that happen in Times Square! (July 2012)
 Unbelievable. (June 2012)
 9/11 Memorial. (June 2012)
 Hoboken, NJ. (June 2012)
 The Voice chair.  My fav show! (July 2012)
 Disneyland! (Oct 2012)
 Tower of Terror! (Oct 2012)
 Oakland Temple. (Sept 2012)
 1st anniversary trip! (Aug 2012)
 Rachy's wedding with friends! (Sept 2012)
 Halloween! (Oct 2012)
 Disney magic! (Oct 2012)
 Announcing the news! (Dec 2012)

You will notice there's no pics from January and February of 2013.
There's something about the mixture of nausea, fatigue, throwing up, and the lack of showering due to dizziness that makes a girl not want to document her life.

Here's to a great 26!  With the little man on the's bound to be an adventurous year!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Other Big Sis!

The beginning of the year is always a busy time for my family.
We have a lot of birthdays and anniversaries packed in to the first few months.
And now it's Krista's turn!

Happy 3-4, Kris!!
I know you'll make your day awesome!
And you totally deserve to have an awesome birthday.
I'm so proud of you and everything you're accomplishing.
Thank you for being such a great big sister and always being someone I know would drop anything to help me.
I hope your day is full of your favorite things!!
You'll see me later and I'm one of your TOP favorite it's bound to be a good day. :)
Love you, Kris!