Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ashley the Kay girl!

This post is dedicated to one of my dearest friends in the whole world: Ashley Kay Sant.

Dear Ashley,
Today is your birthday!
The whole world is celebrating the day you were born!
Welcome to the age of 22!
It's been a pretty good age for me...I'm excited for you to experience it.
I hope your next 22 is just as exciting as the past 22.
Here are 22 reasons why I am grateful for you being born!Summer 05 - Bathroommates!
1. You have a contagious and happy laugh.
2. You could eat Zaxbys every day.
3. We share a SYTYCD obsession.

Summer 07 - 1st week as counselors!
4. Your love for the Braves runs deep.
5. You know the words to Clay Aiken songs...I thought I was the only one.
6. You have gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile.

Summer 08 - Braves game during EFY
7. You're always up for anything that's random or fun.
8. You care about your friends and are loyal to them.
9. You are the best co-counselor ever! [Es-cah-pay!]
Summer 08-CoCos gettin caught in a Florida rain.
10. Your family members are the #1 people in your life.
11. You have pretty handwriting.
12. You love your family dog, probably more than people understand. [Becker & Matey will be the best of friends someday. :]
Summer 08-Pizza Night got out of control...even with us in charge.
13. You're the best gym partner.
14. You let me vent to you when I need to get stuff off my chest.
15. You're great to belt out songs with.

Fall 08-SYTYCD Season 4 Tour and we are excited!
16. You've fallen in love with all my favorite SNL characters.
17. You have a wing. Bahaha.
18. We have matching tye dye HHI sweatshirts.

Jan 09-Denver roadtrip!
19. You have an EFY addiction.
20. Your testimony of the gospel strengthens me.
21. You go craaaazy with me at BYU sports games!

Summer 09-Games night in GA!
And Ashley Kay...I just love you because...

Summer 09-Braves game!
22. You're my friend and you love me no matter what!

Fall 09-BYU football
Happy Birthday Ash! Sorry I can't be there in person to give you a squeeze!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 was mighty fine.

It's hard to believe 2009 is almost over! I feel like it was just New Years Eve 2008. Crazy how fast time goes...and this year was no exception! It really did fly by. Which is good considering the first part of it wasn't the greatest time of life for me. I had some definite struggles this year, but looking back on it I have no doubts it was what I needed to make me a better person and to make my testimony stronger. So for that I am grateful! Here are some 2009 highlights:

-Road Tripping to Denver with Ashley for MLK weekend! It was muchly needed!
-Seeing the Denver temple for the first time...can scratch that off the list.
-Trevor Hall concert for the 2nd time!
-Performing for and meeting Benji. [winner of SYTYCD 2]
-Having Leah be my Valentine.
-Successfully throwing Krista a surprise party.
-Having one thrown for me as well!
-Going to Idaho for the first time and seeing the Rexburg & Idaho Falls Temples...scratch off those as well.-Becoming part of the BYU Folk Dance program!
-Sleepovers in the living room with Leah.
-Taking New Testament from Sister Olsen.

-Club Style showcase!
-Braves winning the kickoff game to the MLB season against the Phillies!
-Becoming friends with McKell.
-Britney Spears concert!
-Leah filling my room with 50 balloons. [each one filled with a reason why she loves me.]
-Playing piano for mama's chorus at the Boys & Girls Club.
-Teaching dance camps with Holly.
-EFY for 3 weeks as a BC...getting to hang out with my friends and the amazing youth!
-Braves games!
-Mermaid...once again.
-Going on the Tampa Bay Rays field!
-Stone Mountain for the first time!
-Casey [a kid from EFY] getting baptized.
-Karly & JJ's wedding!!
-McKell's visit!
-EFY Counselor Reunion on Hilton Head!-Road Tripping back to UT with the Sants and stopping in Denver.
-Lagoon for the first time!
-Winning the horseshoe tournament at Kell's cabin.
-Seeing a moose, coyote, and riding/driving a 4Wheeler...all first timers.
-BYU vs. FSU game.-Promotion to Counter Supervisor at Charlotte Russe!
-Being a part of the 50th Christmas Around the World!
-BYU beating Utah!-Getting the EFY Coordinator position!
-Having the most awesome Home Teachers I've ever had.
-Getting a snuggie.
-Getting closer to the Savior.
-Feeling Heavenly Father's love.
-Time with my wonderful family and my great friends!

Yes...2009 was eventful. It had its ups and it had its downs...but it was a good year that holds many dear memories! Here's to 2010! Let's see what life will bring!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
I hope your day is filled with stockings and food, sugarplums and laughter.
Call your family [or skype as we did.]
Say "I love you."
& always remember why Dec. 25th is called "Christmas."

"This is a season of rejoicing! A season of celebration! A wonderful time when we acknowledge that our Almighty God sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem the world! To redeem us! It is a season of charitable acts of kindness and brotherly love. It is a season of being more reflective about our own lives and about the many blessings that are ours. It is a season of forgiving and being forgiven. But perhaps most of all, let it be a season of seeking the Lamb of God, the King of Glory, the Everlasting Light of the World, the Great Hope of Mankind, the Savior and Redeemer of our souls. I promise that if we unclutter our lives a little bit and in sincerity and humility seek the pure and gentle Christ with our hearts, we will see Him, we will find Him—on Christmas and throughout the year." -Pres Uchtdorf

And now I will leave you with some Christmas photos of the past.Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Goodnight!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ward Family

Hilton Head Island is not Utah. It isn't thriving with members of the LDS faith. It isn't common to hear conversation about Stake Conference, Primary, or the temple while you're in Subway. [which still weirds me out while at BYU.] There aren't 5 temples within an hour drive...or even 1 temple for that matter. So with all of these different circumstances, the members that are around, get very close. When my parents first moved here they were 1 of 2 families and they met in various places including living rooms, ice skating rinks, and hotel rooms. Then we upgraded to the trailor, then to two connecting trailors, and finally when i was about 8...we got our beautiful building! And now, 14 years later, we have outgrown that and we have been a ward for about 9 months. It's cool.

Needless to say, when I go home I love it! My ward is my family. A lot of them have seen me grow up. Some since college, some since high school, some since elementary school, and some since diapers. They are from everywhere. Some have been deep rooted in the south and some have migrated over from the west. But we have one thing in common: we love each other. And going to church today, I felt of that love. It's like a grand event when we come home. Hugs and kisses go all around...there are no such thing as handshakes. It's great.

My heart is forever threaded in the Hilton Head Ward.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Can I just say that I love home?!
Ok good...cause I am going to...
Here it goes...
You would too if your home was this...or this...and maybe this too...Well ok...maybe Hilton Head Island is not quite this gorgeous now because it's "winter," but still...nothing puts me in my happy place more than the sight of water and marsh.
My skin's liking it too. No more cracked knuckles.
Oh yeah...and being with family is pretty great too. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Forgotten Carols

So on Saturday night I went to go see this beloved show up in Salt Lake with Cody. Cody dances with me on 10RB...good times. I have heard the story and listened to the music for as long as I can remember. I have seen the actual stage play 5 times and yet..."The Forgotten Carols" amazes me every time. It does not matter how many times I've heard the songs, they still give me chills. I kept thinking it about that all today. I'm not sure why, but those songs were stuck in my head and I kept humming them to myself. I love them so much. I think I love them because they remind me of home and my family. I can remember very vividly sitting with my mama one December afternoon in middle school while everyone else was gone. We read the book and played the music when indicated. I remember Krista singing the shepherd's song, "He Was Here" at sacrament meetings with daddy playing the piano. I remember thinking the guy that sang the 3 kings song on the soundtrack sounded like my daddy and loving when daddy would sing it. I remember feeling the magic that comes with the story and music. I've been feeling it for years and I felt it once again while I sat in that auditorium on Saturday night.

As always the 3 Kings song, "I Cannot Find My Way" got me. My favorite part of the song says, "We're not alone we have a star and it shines today. The love that He gave teaches how and shows the way. That light is clear to see if we have faith and believe, 3 kings found the Lord and so can we. And if you've lost your way, that light burns bright today and it will shine eternally. 3 kings found the Lord and so must we." Gosh I love that! If there's anything I've learned [and I seem to have to learn it over and over] is that I am not alone. Even though it feels like that somedays, I have to remember that the star that appeared in the sky 2000+ years ago to mark the birth of the Savior is still here.'s not a physical star, but we have the gift of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. And if we follow the gospel and have faith, the path to the Savior is easy to see. And we must find Him, as the song says. I truly understand the significance of putting a star on top of the tree.

Michael McLean always ends the show by showcasing his own personal carol called "Arise and Shine Forth" which makes me want to be in a Southern Baptist Church because it just makes you jump up and down because you feel the spirit so strong! Music is powerful and truly testifies of the Savior. My favorite line from that song says: "And the torch that's a standard for the nations all to see, Is the light of the world shining through me." I can only hope that I hold my testimony as a torch so everyone can see the love of Christ through me.

Then of course Michael's very last thing he does is make us all link arms and sing "We can be together forever someday." Cody's and my neighbors weren't too keen on that idea and denied our we just had each other. And even though it may seem cheesy, it's so true. We can be together forever. All of us. Yes we think of it more in terms of our spouses and families, but as friends and members of the church we can all be together forever as well. This gospel is a gospel of happiness. And that makes me happy. Knowing I'll be not only with my family, but my best friends as well...those people that make me want to be better.

Thank you Michael McLean for sharing those messages of the forgotten people in the Christmas story. For reminding me to let Him in, that He came to this earth and will come again someday, and that I am not lost if I follow the star. It officially feels like Christmas...Dec. 25th can't come fast enough.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ringing in the Holiday Season!

Hopefully if you are reading this blog you know that i love to dance!
I am not sure if love is even enough to describe it.
I am obsessed with it! I think about it all the time.

I am so grateful my mama put me in dance classes since I was a young tot.
I am grateful I experienced so many different types of dance by the time I had come to BYU including: ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, irish, and modern.

One type of dance I had not done yet was folk.
My freshman year I took an Irish class and gradually started taking more classes in the folk department. I loved it but for some reason I never auditioned for the folk teams.
Maybe I thought I was too busy.
Maybe I was too involved in Club Style.
Maybe I was just scared to audition.
I think the last one wins. It's true. I was scared.
And I can't tell you how much I regret not auditioning sooner than January 2009.
All of those people I was taking classes with my freshman year are now on PAC [Performing Arts Company] and traveling all over the world. That could be me. Even though I am progressing fast in the program, time is still against me. Unless I go to grad school or prolong my undergrad [both sounding appealing right now.]
Anyways...this is not the point of this post.

The point of this post is that Christmas Around the World will forever be ingrained in my mind, soul, and heart.
It was one of the most amazing and fun performances I have ever done.
It was the 50th Anniversary of CAW so it was a really special show.
We had alumni come back and they either danced with us or watched us from the audience.
I met people that danced anywhere from 1960-2004. It was so fun to hear some of their stories and memories and realize I was doing the exact same thing...just at a later time.
Mary Bee Jensen was a huge part of it. Mary Bee is the founder of the folk dance program at BYU and she is one of the cutest ladies I have ever met. She is 92 years old, but I have yet to see her without her heels and pearls on. She's classy and inspires me to be as alive as she is.

My team did a dance from the Philippines called "Tiniklin." We had to dance in and out of these bamboo poles that were slamming together in rhythmic patterns. I have many a bruise from my feet being in the poles when they clanged together. But it was worth it. [We also did Mexican in the show opener and I got picked for a special dance they brought back. They used to do a girl's Ukrainian dance every CAW, but they haven't done it for the last 25 years. The alumni wanted it so they brought Kozachak back and only picked 12 girls to do it...and I was picked! I was so privileged!] Preparing for CAW really brought my team, 10 RB, together. We had to work together, spend time together, and move forward together for the same cause. I love my team and I am so sad that we're getting split into different teams next semester. I've met amazing people on that team!

However, the highlight of CAW was the spirit I felt. Oh gosh...I might start crying thinking about it. it comes...
Wow. I can't explain it.
The folk dance program is so into BYU's mission statement of being spiritually inspiring. There is not one practice that doesn't start and end with a prayer. Not one rehearsal that doesn't have a devotional. And every CAW rehearsal I heard how we are celebrating the birth of our Savior and it is our job to convey that to the audience. CAW is a celebration of the most important event in history, minus the Atonement. I felt the spirit constantly while being at the Marriott Center. This program has a special spirit about it. The people, the dancing, the music, the relationships, the testimonies...everything contributes to the spirit I felt there and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of it!

You always get the question: "What is your biggest regret in life?"
There could be a couple options to the answer for me.
But none tops me not getting involved in folk dance sooner.
That really is my biggest regret.
In that same breath though, I know everything happens for a reason.
There was a reason I didn't do it sooner.
There were obviously things I had to learn that were vital to my life that I would not have had if I had been in the program sooner.
So all I can do is enjoy the time I do have and be grateful for the opportunities I already have had.
I performed at the Marriott Center for thousands of people in one of the biggest dance shows BYU has to offer! Me...I did.
My testimony has been strengthened, my love of dance has grown, and my gratitude for my Savior has increased.

Hoorah for folk dance!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Charlotte to the Russe!

Hello Friends! So if y'all didn't know...I love my job. I really do. I seriously feel so blessed to have it. We get dozens of applications every day and I am so lucky! I feel even more lucky after this morning. Why you may ask? We had a Holiday meeting this the blessed a.m. It was dang early, especially after having been there til 11 last night. But, the doughnuts and OJ made it bearable. I was kinda dreading this coming season because it gets so crazy and I feel like I live at the store. However, after this meeting I am SOOOO excited!! I feel like I know better about what I am doing since I've been there over a year now and we have some fun things to keep us going that our managers told us about. Such as:

1. Holiday Game! We got split up in to teams and the managers are going to give us "x amount" of points when they see us doing things that help in shop lifting or customer service or keeping the store clean....etc. It is mostly to help with loss lifters. So one team is called "Oh no you didn't!" and my team is called "You betta not!" We get a gift card if our team wins!

2. St. Jude's fund. Every season Charlotte Russe raises money for the St. Jude Children's Hospital. The chain as a whole wants to raise over $500,000 for the hospital. That's huge! So I hope we can do that because it's for such a great cause! They sent us pictures and stories to y'know...tug at our heart strings and it worked!

We are pumped to ask people for donations at the registers. And we as employees have been asked to raise at least $50. So don't be alarmed if I ask you for some cash. And if you saw these pictures and heard these stories you will be pulling out your wallets! :] Plus if I raise the most I get a prize. And if our store raises the most in our region our store manager, Brooke, gets TO GO to St. Jude's!! She wants to SO bad, so we're gonna try our hardest to send her!

3. I got a promotion! I am no longer an associate, but I am now the counter supervisor! Hoorah for me! With that comes more responsibility and a raise. Double hoorah! Basically I specialize in the registers...knowing how to add on items at the cash wrap, return procedures, overriding things, etc. I'm not quite as cool as a manager, but I have more to do. I am excited about it! I am also the shoe specialist so I help the associates be more effective in the shoe selling techniques. Emily, one of my managers, and I redid the whole shoe room and it looks awesome! Very proud of it!

The meeting was just to tell us all about how the Holiday season is going to run and get us pumped for it! Black Friday is just around the corner! It's going to be a busy time, but it's such a fun day! We get tacos, a free shirt to wear, and the shift flies by since it's so crazy! But even after that friday the store will always be busy! The mall starts to stay open til 10 on weekdays and 11 on weekends...which is kinda death since we're there til midnight or 1 cleaning up the store! But oh well...what can ya do?!

And how did we end our meeting? No better way then to pick out an outfit and strut down the runway! Ha! I love Charlotte Russe!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Well folks...winter is here. It really is.
Snow is in the mountains.
Frost and ice is all over Neil in the morning.
I can see my breathe.
If I walked out with wet hair I could break it off like an icicle.
I can't feel my hands.
I fall all over the place on campus [and sometimes bringing innocent passerbys with me.]
And it is extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning!

"I admit that in the past I've been a nasty"...ha, line from The Little Mermaid.
But really...I always complain about how much I hate winter.
Every winter I close to hate my life and wish every day that BYU was on HHI.
But I am going to turn over a new [frozen] leaf.
I am going to enjoy winter.
Now...with that said that doesn't mean I won't be able to have my moments where I cry from being so cold I can't think or I complain how it's April and still snowing BUT...
I am going to enjoy myself.

I am going to go tubing and ice skating and sledding and have snowball fights and make snowman and snow angels and make ice cream from the snow [clean snow] and drink hot chocolate multiple times a week and all while looking stylish!
I will admit...winter clothes are my favorite kind of clothes! I do not like being cold, but I think winter clothing is so great! I love how much you can do!! Scarves, mittens, hats, boots, jackets, sweaters, eatmuffs! The amount of accessorizing, mix and matching, and layering is unlimited. Oh I love it!

So that's it folks...I am going to have a better attitude about having to live in this Narnia.
Wish me luck in this endeavor cause some days it's gonna be dang hard to control my resentment for the cold.
Hopefully this 5th winter of mine will be better than the previous 4!
Peace out and Happy Winter!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i have sisters.

When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us? ~Pam Brown

So tonight I really should have been in bed over an hour ago. But alas....Facebook and Blogspot were invented so here I am. It's been a rough few weeks. I won't lie. School is drowning me, work is busy, boys are dumb, but future is uncertain. And as much as I try to say I'm ok and I don't worry about it...I do. I worry about what is going to happen to me all the time. I really don't like not knowing where I will be a year from now. Anyways, I've been having one of those weeks where my worrisome nature gets the best of me when I'm by myself and have time to think. But tonight I went to my sister's blog and in her latest blog [which was not about me] there was a link to the blogs she had written about m
e. The one at the bottom of the page was written over a year ago on the day I broke off my engagement...hands down the worst day of my life. I did not follow Krista's blog then so I had never seen it before. But made my week. The compliments and kind things she shared lifted my spirits like none other. I think that's why God gave us sisters. Sisters have a certain element that no other relationship has. So thanks, Kris. Thanks a lot. My week will now go smoother because I know how much I am loved, appreciated, and looked up to.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I MET NIENIE! I am a total dork, but I am SOOOOOO excited I met her! Who is NieNie you ask? Well, if you don't know who she is, then you are missing out! She is one of the most incredible people in this world. Her life is amazing. Her name, NieNie, comes from her real name: stephaNIE NIElson. She became famous in the blogging world sometime ago because she just has a way with words and telling about her life, which sometimes seems too perfect. Who has that amazing of a husband? I mean, really? She always calls her husband "Mr. Nielson" and they have a love like in the movies. And they have 4 kids, who are all cute as a button. Nie loves her life. And she shares that zest for life with the bloggers. Anyways, last summer NieNie and Mr. Nielson were in a small plane crash, from which Mr. Nielson had to pull NieNie from the rubble. He was burned on about 30% of his body and NieNie was burned about 75% of her body. She was in a coma for 2 months. She pulled through though and is now trying to live life as normal as possible. It is very difficult sometimes. She obviously cannot do all the things she used to because her skin is so sensitive and hurts almost constantly. She has also had to get used to how she looks now. She was beautiful before and if you know her you still think she's gorgeous, even though she struggles with her image. She has most recently been on Oprah to talk about her experience and you better believe McKell and I were on the couch watching!

Anyway, Whitney and I talk about her all the time while working at Magleby's. Mr. Nielson came in a few weeks ago, which was most exciting. But, this week the real deal came in! When I saw her walking towards the door I about wet myself. Oh my gosh. The moment has come! I have wanted to meet her, but how the heck does that happen? Yes, she lives in Provo, but who knows where her house is and I most certainly am not going to stalk her even if I did know where her house was. And now here she was...walking towards me. She was wearing the same J Crewe cardigan sweater she wore while on Oprah and her hair was done cute. Her 2 little boys followed behind. She was meeting a friend for breakfast so she said hi to her and then came on walking to the register. She smiled and asked what was good to eat and what would be easy for her little boys to share. She got french toast for both her and her boys. I was so nervous the entire time. I have taken hundreds, no probably thousands, of people's orders at Magleby's, but this was the most epic yet! We have to ask for their name because we call their name out when their food is ready. But duh...i KNEW her name! I didn't need to ask. So like the dork I am I said, "Stephanie, right?" Her fairy like eyes lit up, she smiled, and said, "yes!" I can't believe I said this, but I said, "I'm sorry. That's probably weird I know that. And I feel like such a fool, but I feel like I'm meeting a celebrity." She just laughed and said, "oh you're too sweet. I am no celebrity." Oh me you are. haha. From there I swiped her card and we chatted for a few moments before she went to sit with her children and friends. I could not keep my eyes off of her though! I wanted to just stare at her and just watch how she is. She's positively angelic.

Whitney came in about 30 mins later. When she walked in I motioned her over and said "look at who is the orange sweater!!" I shared and let Whitney have some interaction with her, so she got to give NieNie a to-go box. haha. It was a sad moment when NieNie left Magleby's. I felt like a better person from just being in the same room with her and watching her strength with my own 2 eyes. Read her blog. Seriously. Go back to the very beginning and read it. You'll be hooked and fall in love with her. I know I am.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Man's Best Friend

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Kaycie. Kaycie was born 6 years after the previous child so because of that age gap, Heavenly Father knew she would need a companion when her older sisters had to go to school or had to go do "older" things like such sisters do. So at the ripe old age of 2, a 4th sister was brought in to the mix. A precious, adorable, pure bred, golden retriever puppy. Because of the family business she was named Matey. Ahoy. It was love at first sight for Kaycie and Matey. Maybe because they were both so small. Maybe because they both had golden hair. Maybe because they got along well. Whatever it was...they were destined to be best friends since the first day she was brought in to the Maurer household.

From then on Kaycie and Matey did everything together. Wherever Kaycie was, Matey was and vice versa. They played house together. They read books together. They ate the cat's food together. [it's true.] And they slept together because Kaycie had really cool parents who let the dog in the bed.

Since Kaycie was homeschooled from Kindergarten until 3rd grade, they were still able to spend lots of time together at home. Kaycie couldn't really use the excuse "my dog ate my homework" to the teacher cause A] the teacher was her mother and B] Matey didn't care for paper...unless there was candy or chocolate underneath. Like the one time Kaycie left her HUGE Halloween candy bag next to the couch when the family went to church and when they came back there were colorful wrappers all over the house and Matey pooped a variety of colors for a week. That statement "chocolate kills dogs" is not true.

There was also a time when Kaycie decided to cut Matey's hair. What had actually happened was Kaycie fell asleep laying on Matey's stomach with gum in her mouth. Kaycie had done that once before and got gum in her own hair. Her mother told her to never again fall asleep with gum, and since she had, she was too scared to tell her mom. So Kaycie took matters in to her own hands and played hairdresser. It did not turn out well. Mama Maurer was not happy, but at least she never knew about the gum...maybe. Until now.

Matey was always a happy dog. Always. Unless she saw another dog. Then all bets were off. She hated other dogs. She loved all humans. The family joke was: "If a robber came in the middle of the night, we would never know...unless he brought a dog with him." All jokes aside though, Matey was very protective of the family. Even when she thought other family members were threatening. Karly would play "superman" with Kaycie and lift her up on her feet. Kaycie would scream and laugh and scream, but sometimes Matey thought Karly was hurting Kaycie and would get very upset.

One thing that set Matey apart was her lack of brains. Not that she was stupid...but she was not your average dog. She flunked obedience school. Not just got a bad grade, but she completely failed out. When it was time for "stay", all the other dogs stayed in their spot while Matey happily bounded towards Mama Maurer. She was not one to be left behind. She hated when the family went anywhere and did not take her. Which is why she got brought to Grandma and Granddad's almost every Sunday for family dinner. She would stick her head out of the window on the 15 min drive and let her tongue flap in the wind. The guard at the neighborhood had treats for her and everyone loved her. Everyone.

Matey was not much of a retriever either. We're not quite sure where that "pure bred" blood went. We'd throw the ball and she would bring it back acting like she wanted to give it to you, but no. Just as you'd reach for it she would run away with a smile on her face. It'd take forever to get the tennis ball or squeaky newspaper [her favorite toys] to throw it again. It mostly became a game of "keep away" and running. Which was fine. The Maurer family was used to it. Another one of Matey's favorite games was going in circles, around and around the coffee table with Daddy. She would either run right behind him or run in opposite ways to sneak past him so he couldn't grab her squeaky. It was always quite the entertainment for the rest of the family. Matey was also famous for putting multiple tennis balls in her mouth at one time. The most she got in at one time was 4. One in very back, 2 in the cheeks, and one in the very front. Then she would bark. Obviously muffled, it always brought the family down in belly laughs. This is not Matey, but it looked something like this:

There are too many stories to tell about Miss Matey Maurer. She was the best dog in the world and she happened to stumble upon the right family that needed her in their lives. When Kaycie was a Junior in high school and 17 years old, Matey died. Matey almost passed away a few times in previous years, but she kept fighting because she loved her family too much to go. When she finally left this earth she was 15 years old and in her best friend's arms. Kaycie cried for weeks...and sometimes still cries today.

Dear Matey, I miss you. I miss you lots. It's been almost 6 years since you died, but it still makes me sad to think about you being gone. I miss you sneezing on me. I miss hearing you drink out of the toilet. I miss eating bologna and mustard with you. I miss the click of her nails on the wood floor. I miss rubbing the super soft hair behind your ears. I miss taking you on walks...or rather you taking me on walks. I miss you hogging the entire backseat in the car. I miss sharing popsicles with you. I miss laying on your tummy while I read. I miss jumping on the trampoline with you. I miss hitting you with the front door when we came home since you were always right there waiting. I miss watching your face when we fed you bananas, grapes, or lettuce. I miss you laying right in the middle of the hallway so you could see the bedroom doors of all family members in the night. I miss your bark and I miss your cry. I miss your friendship and I miss you just being there. You're the best dog in the world and I'll see you on the other side. I love you Matey.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


i have learned a lot about my co-workers in the last week.
co-workers at Magleby's that is...
i have known Tara for 3 years and Whitney for 1 year.
and little did i know until recently that their fathers had passed away.
Tara's dad died when she was 13 and Whitney's about 2 years ago. [i think that's right.]
that's all i could say was wow.
i was floored.

i just assumed this whole time whenever they would say "my mom" instead of "my parents" that their parents had split up.
it was amazing to me how they are now.
i mean...i know you can't mope around your whole life feeling like your life couldn't get any worse.
but it made me feel very ungrateful.
i don't think twice about being able to talk to my daddy.
i can do it whenever i want.
when i am home, i can sit in his lap.
when i am away, i can call him and listen to his voice.
i need to tell my daddy [and mama] that i love them more often.
i need to call them more.
i need to say thank you more.
i don't know if Tara or Whitney read this, but if you do...y'all are amazing and i really admire your strength.

and to my parents...i love y'all.
that's all i have to say.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Glee (n): open delight or pleasure; exultant joy; exultation.

That is exactly what the show does to me! I want to tell everyone about it!
If you don't watch this tv show, you should.
Glee is about the the glee club at William McKinley high school and the struggles and triumphs they go through with trying to stay sponsored at the school, defining themselves, and their own personal lives.
The characters crack me up! I have fallen in love with them.
My favorite characters are Rachel [lead girl] and the guidance counselor, Emma Pillsbury.
Rachel has an amazzzzing voice! She was on Broadway before the show started. I could listen to her sing all the day long!
It's kinda quirky sometimes, but the songs and the people make the show so worthwhile!
Here are some clips to just brighten your day! [youtube only has a few unfortunately!]

Seriously one of my all time favs on the show! Their cover of "Take a Bow" originally done by Rihanna.

Hello! No Air!

I could only find the shortened version, but the end is the best part. Oh well. It's still great!

Seriously awesome.

I laughed. hard. and long.

My other favs include: Halo/Walkin on Sunshine Mashup, Keep Holding On, Maybe This Time [feat. Kristen Chenoweth], Alone [feat. Kristen Chenoweth], & of course Don't Stop Believing!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i think Charlotte is a great friend.

So I have 2 jobs. I have worked at the restaurant Magleby's Fresh for over 3 years now. I am entering my 4th school year at "the fresh." And i really do love it. I have great co-workers, my General Manager is chill, I get free food on my shift and discounts when i'm not working, I get to see LDS celebs like David Osmond, Harvey Unga, & Susan W. Tanner [among others], and it gives me extra brownie points with people [mostly because they want to use me to get cheaper french toast.] Almost a year ago I decided I needed to get a 2nd job if I was going to pay more of my bills and not worry about money as much. So Heavenly Father led me to the right place at the right time...Charlotte Russe.

Now I have loved Charlotte since I was a freshman. There wasn't a store near me on the east coast so I discovered it when i came out for school. I fell in love with their products! Whenever I had extra money to spare i would go to Charlotte 90% of the time. So Charlotte was where I applied. It was right before Thanksgiving so thankfully they were about to hire on more people for the Holiday season. I still remember walking on campus between classes and getting a phone call from one of my managers, Tiffanee, to ask if I could come in that day for an interview. I was so nervous! Karly was actually in town and took me over to the mall. My interview went well and shortly after Tiff called and offered me the job. My first day of training was the day before Thanksgiving and my first real day was Friday! I was scared out of my mind...I didn't know what I was doing! I've only ever worked on boats, in a restaurant, or performing. So if I could've dressed up as a mermaid to offer customers a stuffed breadstick on a sunset cruise I would've been set. But no....retail is a new kind of beast. It's a new kind of fun though. I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Before I left for Christmas break I felt comfortable enough.

I returned 2 weeks later after the break and really got in to it. Thankfully they asked me to stay after the Holiday season and I became a regular member of the staff. I fell in love with my managers: Janelle [store manager], Amy, Tiffanee, Crystal, & Emily. I looked forward to work mostly so I could hang out with them! Janelle would always schedule me and Christina on Friday nights so we could have pretzel fridays! If we beat the amount we made on that same day the previous year she would buy us pretzels from PretzelMaker. We would be selling machines so she'd have to pay up! Janelle was also great because she would sing to us in the headsets...always a pleasure. Amy is just straight up. She will be a snot if she needs to be and it cracks me up! She's so great though and we have the best time dancing at the registers together. Tiffy is the cutest thing. Ever. I admire her a lot and she and I had many talks where she gave me a spiritual boost when I needed it during my hard times. Crystal and Emily are fabulous too and I seriously love working with them.

Janelle, Tiffanee, & Amy

Now for some technical terms. ADS [Average Dollar Sale] UPT [Units Per Transaction] LY [Last Year] We have the goals of keeping our ADS at $30, UPT at a 4, and we always want to do better than LY. What our ADS and UPT are for those hours reflect those working...both managers and associates. If we're doing our job as in telling people about the promotions, adding on items in the fitting rooms and at the register, and just showing interest in the customers then our ADS is usually higher. It is the most exciting thing when our ADS and UPT are so high! And the opposite effect is not quite as fun. But I can still remember the day we got the reports in and under associates with the highest ADS in the region was my name! Kaycie - Store 320! YES! That is motivation enough to work hard to get your name on there again and again, week after week!

However, I think the real reason I enjoy this job so much is not getting my name on a report, but just loving fashion. I really do love it. It brings me joy. I love getting shipment in and seeing what the latest is. But my seriously favorite thing in the world is when people want me to shop for them! OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT! It is the greatest thing when someone walks in and says, "I don't know what I want. Can you help me?" Oh gracious...can I ever?! So from there I get to pick out all these outfits for the body shape and what their personality is. And the most rewarding thing is when they walk out of the fitting room and they love what they have on. They feel confident with their appearance. Like I'm smiling just thinking about it! And then the best is when they don't care how much money they're going to spend and they walk out of there with a new wardrobe that I personally picked out! Now there are definitely the days where I think if I have to do any more "go-backs" [putting clothes back from the fitting rooms] I'm going to throw up or if people can't learn to pick up the clothes they clearly just dropped and didn't bother to pick up I will just chuck it at them but...that's ok because...

I have a love affair with Charlotte. I've falling hard. And I'm never falling out of love.