Sunday, November 1, 2009


i have learned a lot about my co-workers in the last week.
co-workers at Magleby's that is...
i have known Tara for 3 years and Whitney for 1 year.
and little did i know until recently that their fathers had passed away.
Tara's dad died when she was 13 and Whitney's about 2 years ago. [i think that's right.]
that's all i could say was wow.
i was floored.

i just assumed this whole time whenever they would say "my mom" instead of "my parents" that their parents had split up.
it was amazing to me how they are now.
i mean...i know you can't mope around your whole life feeling like your life couldn't get any worse.
but it made me feel very ungrateful.
i don't think twice about being able to talk to my daddy.
i can do it whenever i want.
when i am home, i can sit in his lap.
when i am away, i can call him and listen to his voice.
i need to tell my daddy [and mama] that i love them more often.
i need to call them more.
i need to say thank you more.
i don't know if Tara or Whitney read this, but if you do...y'all are amazing and i really admire your strength.

and to my parents...i love y'all.
that's all i have to say.


whitney said...

1) of course i read your blog!
2) you're too sweet kayc. thank you. i loved this post.
3) i've been meaning to tell you how much i admire you lately. i was just talking to josh about it the other day. you have come SO far in this last year. and i've noticed just recently how much happier you are. i couldn't have gone through what you did. you are such a strong girl. seriously. i'm positive all of this is preparing you for someone AMAZING!
p.s. i love you girl

Beth said...

Thanks for this- its a good reminder not to take anything for granted!
And I talked to my dad yesterday and told him about our cake-making and he said to say hello from both the 'rents. So there you go! :)

Lori said...

Daddy thought this was sweet. We both did. He also enjoyed the pictures! Thank you, Kaycie, for being such a thoughtful and loving daughter and for taking the time to share your feelings. We love you so much. But you know that, don't you?! :0) And to your sweet friends Tara and Whitney, we love you too! We thank you for your wonderful example and strength! Mama & Daddy Maurer