Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bride to be!'s true...
To this boy I am sort of in love with...
Go figure?

I love love love it!

The next day we celebrated by going to the Festival of Colors at the Hindu Temple.
It is always SO much fun!
What could be better than throwing chalk at total strangers?!

Date TBA...
But let it be known...
I am going to be the next Mrs. Foster!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Called to Serve.

So while in California at Alex's house, we decided to go through his mission stuff.
16 planners, hundreds of letters, lots of pictures, notes of encouragement, and 2 journals.
2 journals which look like ancient books of scripture, mind you.
He got them at Barnes & Noble when he went through the temple.
These journals are seriously a gold mine.
They have been SO fun to read.
The first time through we skipped to the parts where he talked about me.
My personal favorite is from Christmas Day 2008.

"...we hung out at the Maurer's all day...The Maurers are way tight. Kaycie is hott."

Another great one is from before he left (10/13/07)
"Today I got a haircut. I hate it. I hate having short hair but I know I have to do it. Serving the Lord is way more important than having my long hippie hair."
So cute, huh?

I love this one too from near entering the MTC (10/24/07):
"Today we went tracting with Elder Murphy. Elder Butars has a broken foot. It was so amazing. I've never had the spirit actually follow me like it did today. We didn't see any miracles, but it was definitely worth it. I know this is just a taste, but it has made me even more excited to serve. I'm gonna tear it up out there! I can't wait. I even started talking. People listened to me and I wasn't even scared, I just went for it. I don't wanna sound cocky or prideful, but I think I'm going to be able to do this great work that I have been called to do. I know it will be hard, but I think I can do it."

I loveeeee it!
I love that he let me bring his journals back to Utah and read them all the way through.
I am still where he is in the MTC.
He is so dang cute.
I love that he writes how he talks. It makes it so entertaining.
I am so proud of my boy.
He was such an awesome missionary.
I know he gets down on himself a lot because he feels like he could have done more, but he did awesome.
He did what he was called to do.

Hope you enjoyed those little treasures.
I'm sure I will find more...keep ya posted! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So I have an apology to make to my big sister, Krista.
Life was SO busy on her birthday (March 4th) and I did not get a chance to publicly wish her a happy birthday!
Shame on me, I know!
I did call her I get partial credit?

(Krista's shirt is awesome.)

Krista has always been the epitome of the oldest sister.
She takes on that role and even though sometimes it has been hard being the one everyone looks up to, she has done an amazing job at fulfilling that spot.

She has taught me many many things.
When I was a baby she taught me that she would always rock me to sleep when Mama had shows to perform at. (Even though Daddy thought his "cry it out" method was working. HA!)
When I was a little girl, she taught me to never trust her when she is trying to feed me something. (like the ginger root I bit in to or the spoonful of salt that I thought was sugar.)
Also as a little girl she taught me to never let her drive the Barbie car. (because it would always happen to drive off a "cliff.")
When I was in elementary school she taught me that it was cool to say hi to your sisters and give them a squeeze in the hallway. (We went to a private school with all grades.) And all my friends thought so too!
When I was in middle school she taught me the principle of selflessness as I saw her go into the mission field and give her whole heart to the gospel and the people of Washington.
When I was in high school she taught me that you are never "too cool" to have real fun.
In college she taught me that when life seems like it is throwing you a bad deck, you turn around and make it an opportunity to better your talents, add more talents, think positively, and trust in the Lord's plan.

If you don't know...Kris is amazing.
She knows how to inspire.
She knows how to teach.
She knows how to love.
She knows how to cook, sew, photograph, sing, create, throw an epic party, and if you ask me has some pretty sweet dance moves. (if you're lucky, she just might show you.)

Krista Quilhot Maurer is just one awesome person!
If you don't want to take my word for it, just go look yourself:

Happy Belated Birthday, Kris.
I sure do love your guts.
Don't forget how amazing you are and everything life has in store for you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2 to the 4, wha?!

It's my birthday!!
So far the day has been great, and it will only continue to grow in greatness!
Here's a little journey of what pictures I could scrounge up in a jiffy...
Enjoy this little slice of heaven.
Hope your day is as happy as mine! :)

On the way to the hospital for the C-section.
Right after she had just directed the choir for Stake Conference. Ha!

All cleaned off.

Daddy's first time holding me.

And now with my mama.

2nd Birthday!

7th maybe? 8?

The big 2-1! (80s party!)


Baseball themed 23rd party!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Do you ever feel like you are missing out on life?
That you have not done enough in this world?
You have not gone after your dreams enough?
Or that what little you do, does not cut it?

Sadly, I feel like this a lot.
I go through the list of things I do not do enough...
I need to pray and read my scriptures more.
I need to serve more.
I need to be more crafty.
I need to be funnier in social situations.
I need be more noticeable with my talents.
I need to lose more weight.
I need to...I need to...I need to...

Or I go through how I do not go after the things I once dreamed of...
Why did I not go to California and try out to be a music video dancer?
Why did not I not audition for shows?
Why did I quit ballet my senior year?
Why did I stop practicing piano on a regular basis?
Why am I not famous?
Why did I not study abroad?
Why did I not go on a humanitarian service project?

I feel like even though I am young, the majority of my care free years are behind me.
The reality of graduating college has hit me in the face.
How did I get here?
Did I do enough in my classes?
Did I contribute to campus life enough?
Was I nice to people?
What more could I have done?

I feel like it replays in my head over and over a few times a week.
It's draining really.
But then...
I get a note from a girl at the treatment center that says:
"When I need you the most, you are always there."

That was it.
That was all the note said.
And when I got that note, it did not matter that I was not Beyonce's back up dancer or that I could not play every piece by Chopin.
What mattered in that moment was that I meant something to someone.
I meant something to one of my precious girls.
I love them so so much.

I just need to remember that feeling more in my life.
I need to remember that my life is great and that I have had many wonderful experiences.
I am very blessed and in the times where I have been most happy is while doing good.

As Robert Byrne said:
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dorothy Louise...My Grandma

My Grandma Q passed away on Wed, March 2.
It was a tad sudden and unexpected...definitely not something I would have imagined happening this year.
Mostly because my Grandma is a fighter.
She has been through so much, but holds on to her convictions, almost to a fault, and rises back up again.
We were never super close, but she was still and is still my Grandma.

Grandma Q joined the church when I was 15 years old and went through the temple to get sealed to my Papa when I was 16.
Since her baptism I have seen some amazing changes within her.
She became very understanding, very open minded, and very caring.
She would always want to know all about my life whenever I called and would always ask how dating was and if I was "playing the field" or "narrowing in."
The conversation would always end with her telling me she prayed for my happiness every night.
She was just the way a supportive Grandma should be in these last few years.

(3 generations at Kar's wedding, Jul 09)

Some things that will always remind me of Grandma Q:
cough drop smell (that woman ALWAYS had cough drops in her purse so she by default smelled like it.)
romance movies.
makeup counters at department stores.
strong perfume.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Marley & Me.

I love you Grandma!
Sorry I could not be there in your final days.
I know Papa was there waiting for you on the other side.
I'll see you again.