Sunday, March 13, 2011


So I have an apology to make to my big sister, Krista.
Life was SO busy on her birthday (March 4th) and I did not get a chance to publicly wish her a happy birthday!
Shame on me, I know!
I did call her I get partial credit?

(Krista's shirt is awesome.)

Krista has always been the epitome of the oldest sister.
She takes on that role and even though sometimes it has been hard being the one everyone looks up to, she has done an amazing job at fulfilling that spot.

She has taught me many many things.
When I was a baby she taught me that she would always rock me to sleep when Mama had shows to perform at. (Even though Daddy thought his "cry it out" method was working. HA!)
When I was a little girl, she taught me to never trust her when she is trying to feed me something. (like the ginger root I bit in to or the spoonful of salt that I thought was sugar.)
Also as a little girl she taught me to never let her drive the Barbie car. (because it would always happen to drive off a "cliff.")
When I was in elementary school she taught me that it was cool to say hi to your sisters and give them a squeeze in the hallway. (We went to a private school with all grades.) And all my friends thought so too!
When I was in middle school she taught me the principle of selflessness as I saw her go into the mission field and give her whole heart to the gospel and the people of Washington.
When I was in high school she taught me that you are never "too cool" to have real fun.
In college she taught me that when life seems like it is throwing you a bad deck, you turn around and make it an opportunity to better your talents, add more talents, think positively, and trust in the Lord's plan.

If you don't know...Kris is amazing.
She knows how to inspire.
She knows how to teach.
She knows how to love.
She knows how to cook, sew, photograph, sing, create, throw an epic party, and if you ask me has some pretty sweet dance moves. (if you're lucky, she just might show you.)

Krista Quilhot Maurer is just one awesome person!
If you don't want to take my word for it, just go look yourself:

Happy Belated Birthday, Kris.
I sure do love your guts.
Don't forget how amazing you are and everything life has in store for you.


Krista said...

Thanks babe. You're sweet. And cute. And pretty. And I love you. :)