Monday, September 30, 2013


Kameron is a whole 2 months old!
I really can't believe how quickly this last month went!  Definitely faster than his first month of life. :)

I'm pretty sure that's due to him being SO much more interactive.
He seems to really know our faces and voices and gets all smiley a lot of the time.
His little smile seriously melts my heart.  I can't even handle it.
He's also trying to laugh.  It mostly just comes out as a big squeal, but I love it!
He just babbles a lot and it's awesome.

He's also just recently starting to try and roll over from his tummy to his back.
The other day I set him down for tummy time and went to get a drink.
When I came back he wasn't on the blanket and I couldn't see him!  My heart stopped a little.
As I rounded the couch more he was on his BACK and off the blanket!
It was definitely a fluke, but he's been trying mightily ever since to do it again.
It's quite amusing seeing his little body and brain trying so hard to roll.

He's also (as of today) starting to slightly reach for things.
He grabbed a monkey toy that I was holding in front of him and I immediately started crying.
Alex was excited to...but not to the point of tears.
I think sometimes my post partum emotions are more all over the place than my pregnancy hormones.

He still enjoys his bath time and kicks his legs up and down in his little tub seat.
However, getting dried off is hit or miss.  Sometimes he doesn't mind it, sometimes he cries the whole time.  We haven't quite figured out why that is...

As for me?
I'm doing a lot better.
Prayer is a real thing.
During that first month of his life I was in a constant prayer.
I didn't feel capable enough.
I didn't feel strong enough.
And I sure didn't feel like I could handle this whole "mother" thing.
But thankfully Heavenly Father has answered my prayers to give me the strength and love I needed.
Of course, I loved Kameron the whole time...but I just didn't have that "I LOVE BEING A MOTHER" thing that I felt everyone had.
But now?  So much better!
I truly love that little man so much more than I could've possibly ever imagined.
He's the best thing to happen to our home and I'm forever grateful to be his mom.

And every good post needs pictures of this cute boy....

Saturday, September 14, 2013

6 Weeks of Pure Love.

Things are really starting to get better around here.
For the most part. :)
I still have my moments when I get a little overwhelmed, but usually I really enjoy this whole "motherhood" thing.

Kameron has become such a joy in our house.
He's really starting to show us his personality more and more.
I live for his little squeals and the hit or miss smiles he offers to us.
I can't wait for him to smile all the time because it's the cutest thing in the world.

This past Sunday he was blessed.
It was a beautiful blessing and I'm so grateful for how many people came to support us.
(And this isn't even everybody!)

And because he looked so handsome in his little white sweater suit...a photo shoot was a must. :)

 Remember this post?
Well our boys were finally able to meet and become besties.
Kameron was more interested in sleeping and Blake was more interested in his binky...but it's ok!  It's a step in the correct direction. :)

I know people say you forget how hard things were in the beginning and I used to think they were crazy.
But it's true!
I already forget how hard those first few weeks were with him.
I mean, I remember it being hard...but I don't remember just HOW hard I know it was.
If that makes sense?

Now I just love every little bit about that baby Kam.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A month long Mama!

Maybe someday in the future I'll blog about more than Kameron.
I see that more in the far distant future rather than the near distant future. :)
He kind of is my whole day, every day.  And you blog about what you think about and do and well...I think about Kameron when he's asleep and when he's awake I'm with him so....

Kam Kam is now a whole month old!
I feel like it went by fast, but also slow at the same time.
I think it's more the days are sometimes slow, but the weeks go by quickly.

In the last two weeks he's definitely matured a lot!
Sometimes it's hard to see when you're with him day in and day out, but when I look back on older pictures or read his 2 week blog, I realize how much he's changed already!

I also realize how much I've changed as well.
I too am maturing in this new role of mine.
It's still not easy by any means, but it's getting easiER.

*I'm more used to my slower paced, newborn mama life.
*I don't get QUITE as anxious every time he cries.
*And sometimes I laugh.'s true.  Sometimes his face is so sad that it's funny.
MUCH better than when I would feel empty inside when his face would do that.
*I've mastered the fast, 3 min shower.
*I'm not as hard on my post partum body.  I need to remember it took 9 months to get like that...I shouldn't expect it to morph back overnight.
*That being said though...I'm anxious for my doctor to clear me exercising for real!
*I still value relationships and LOVE visitors!!

Kameron now:
*Has learned to love the bath.  Well...maybe I shouldn't use "love."  He tolerates it now!  Which is much better than the crying he used to do.
*Very light sleeper.  Which is slightly annoying.  It seems any change in noise or touch stirs him.  Sometimes it wakes him up...sometimes it doesn't.  I just hold my breath until I know.  I downloaded a white noise app on my old iPod touch to see if that will help him not hear every little thing going on!  Today's our first hopefully we'll see some results!
*Loves to wiggle!  Sometimes he'll just lay across my lap for 30 minutes just moving away.
*Super strong!  He is almost a master at holding his neck up.  He still bobbles, but he's getting so strong!
*When laying on his tummy he can pick up his head and flip it over to the other side.  Sometimes he's not so successful when he has the binky in his mouth.  So he gets half way, is face down in the blanket, and starts moving his face side to side really fast and grunts.  It's quite entertaining.

*ALMOST smiling at us.  He kind of gets a half grin and makes this super cute squeal.
*Can follow our face with his eyes!  He still goes cross eyed from time to time, but his focus has really improved!
*Still just prefers to be cuddled over anything.  Most of the time I'm ok with, but when I'm trying to get things done it presents a challenge.
*We tried pretty much every swaddle blanket/accessory/item out there, but he would bust out of them all until thankfully my sister found us the Woombie!  It's amazing.  Some nights he doesn't even fight us on being put in it!  (Some nights he screams. :)

He still is just the sweetest thing and it's fun to see his personality starting to shine through more and more.  I'm trying to treasure this time, but I'm also so anxious for him to grow and learn so I can see what he will be like!

And if any one would like to come visit...feel free!  I LOVE VISITORS!
I love adult conversations. :) Kameron isn't much for conversing.
But I'm so thankful Heavenly Father has answered my prayers and is making motherhood more meaningful and joyful each and every day.
(Don't worry, I've already cried today when he kept waking up after a 10 min 5 times...and then kept getting more and more overtired and crying crying crying...)
BUT...we're good. :)

It's crazy how much you can love a tiny little person.
And I sure do love my tiny man.
And my big man. :) Alex is still #1, even though some days I'm sure it doesn't feel like it.
I love those few minutes before we drift off to sleep more so than ever before since some days that's the most interaction we have with each other.

And in parting...this is Daphne, Chloe, and Kam.
Alex's two cousins had babies this summer too and they were all together yesterday for Daphne's blessing!
And remember how Kam is the youngest...but the biggest!  Haha.
Love that little tank!

Oh...and Kameron's getting blessed this Sunday!
Family is coming in!!  This will be the first time my daddy and my sister, Karly, will have seen Kam! 
I'm so excited to be around family for this special time.