Monday, September 30, 2013


Kameron is a whole 2 months old!
I really can't believe how quickly this last month went!  Definitely faster than his first month of life. :)

I'm pretty sure that's due to him being SO much more interactive.
He seems to really know our faces and voices and gets all smiley a lot of the time.
His little smile seriously melts my heart.  I can't even handle it.
He's also trying to laugh.  It mostly just comes out as a big squeal, but I love it!
He just babbles a lot and it's awesome.

He's also just recently starting to try and roll over from his tummy to his back.
The other day I set him down for tummy time and went to get a drink.
When I came back he wasn't on the blanket and I couldn't see him!  My heart stopped a little.
As I rounded the couch more he was on his BACK and off the blanket!
It was definitely a fluke, but he's been trying mightily ever since to do it again.
It's quite amusing seeing his little body and brain trying so hard to roll.

He's also (as of today) starting to slightly reach for things.
He grabbed a monkey toy that I was holding in front of him and I immediately started crying.
Alex was excited to...but not to the point of tears.
I think sometimes my post partum emotions are more all over the place than my pregnancy hormones.

He still enjoys his bath time and kicks his legs up and down in his little tub seat.
However, getting dried off is hit or miss.  Sometimes he doesn't mind it, sometimes he cries the whole time.  We haven't quite figured out why that is...

As for me?
I'm doing a lot better.
Prayer is a real thing.
During that first month of his life I was in a constant prayer.
I didn't feel capable enough.
I didn't feel strong enough.
And I sure didn't feel like I could handle this whole "mother" thing.
But thankfully Heavenly Father has answered my prayers to give me the strength and love I needed.
Of course, I loved Kameron the whole time...but I just didn't have that "I LOVE BEING A MOTHER" thing that I felt everyone had.
But now?  So much better!
I truly love that little man so much more than I could've possibly ever imagined.
He's the best thing to happen to our home and I'm forever grateful to be his mom.

And every good post needs pictures of this cute boy....