Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas 2014!

I better write down Christmas before time sneaks by!

I loved our Christmas Eve and Day!
It was non stressful and filled with family...just how I like it. :)

Christmas Eve kicked off with a Mrs. Clause story time!
Karly and Laela came across the valley to join us.
Kameron was interested in the sleigh...and then interested in exploring the hotel...
He would keep coming back to see what Mrs. Clause was up to though.

When we got home we ate lunch and played out in the backyard.
The weather was awesome!
We attempted to put the kiddos down for a nap.
Kam was mad he had to stop playing and Laela couldn't fall asleep since Kam was screaming.
Nap fail.
So we finally let them keep playing...grouchily.
Laela helped me make gingerbread cookies and then we went to Texas Roadhouse for our Christmas Eve feast. :)
Those rolls though...
After dinner we exchanged presents with the Barksdales.
Karly got me a trip to Vegas to see Justin Timberlake!!
We went on New Years Day!
Best Christmas (and birthday and Christmas and birthday) present she's given me! :)

Once they left, we put a very sleepy Kameron to bed.
None of our typical Christmas Eve traditions happened.
I attempted to read him "The Night Before Christmas" but he was kicking and clawing we nixed that.
Oh well...better luck next year. :)
So Alex and I had a movie marathon of A Christmas Story and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
And I wrapped the rest of the presents to put under the tree.
It ended up being a fun night just the two of us laughing.

The next morning Kam woke us up and we had our Santa time!
When I was changing Kam's diaper, Alex told me he needed my phone to put Christmas music on.
Actually, he started blaring T-Swift's new CD that he had downloaded onto it the night before. :)
I guess he did pick up on my (not so) subtle hints...
We were so overwhelmed with how generous our family had been!
Our presents were so thoughtful.

 ^ Wooden police car from Auntie Kisser.

 ^ Mickey Mouse Look and Find from the Calls...and a snotty nose...

 ^ Dinosaurs from GaGa and Granddad.

 ^ Having fun with our stocking stuffers! :)

 ^ Krista got me and Karly rings with our child's name on it.  They're stackable so she can order me one with each kid.  I LOVE it.

 ^ Wasn't this place clean when I went to bed??

 ^ Playing with his animal magnets from Kisser.

^ "Friends" poster from Krista.  Can't wait to frame and hang this sucker!

 ^ So my husband is so so talented.  He said Kam told him to make me a dolphin. :) So the present said "To Mommy.  From your boys."  I still tear up thinking about opening that package.

Not pictured: a Polaroid camera and Big Bang Theory Season 7 from my parents!  I can't wait to have polaroids of my life!  New Zumba clothes from my in laws!  They've already served me well and my students have complimented me on them.  Date night gift cards from the Calls!  (With a babysitting offer as well. :)  Oh...and Ticket to Ride from my in laws.  (Best board game ever.)

 ^ Kam knows how to chill after the Christmas morning chaos!  By the tree?  Check.  Monkey pillow?  Check.  Pants off and gut hangin' out?  Check.  Leftover Texas Roadhouse roll in mouth?  CHECK!  This kid kills me sometimes...

My in laws arrived at our place during Kam's nap.
We saved their presents for Kameron to open when he got up!
Then we Skyped with my brother in law, Jack!
He's serving a mission for our church in New Mexico!  He is almost done!  Only about 2 months left!  It was great to see him!  Kam calls him "gack." :)

Then we headed over to the Calls (Alex's sister's family) for the evening!
We started off with a delicious dinner!
Then we had a live Nativity and then played Minute to Win It games.
Why I did not take pictures of any of that is beyond me!
Guess I was too busy living in the moment. :)

Oh...and Alex tried his best to beat our nephew, Caleb, on their new basketball game.
He was not successful... :)

 We finally headed home since it was WAY past Kameron's bedtime.

^ Oh...and with the money my grandma gave Kameron, we got him a toddler hoop.  He LOVES it.  The first day he literally played with it for six hours.  He loves to go out there every day to shoot some hoops. :)

It was such a great Christmas!
I missed my parents and Krista, but I am grateful I was able to see family members from both sides during this time!