Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leah Love.

So amidst my crazy life, I did not have time to do a bday post in celebration of my love: Miss Leah Jess Siebach!
[sorry Alex, for this post...she is my love.]

Leah turned the big 2-2 on March 18th!
There are so many wonderful things that I love about Leah.
Seriously...she saved my bacon. [even though we both hate bacon.]
She is such a great friend and I have never doubted that we will not be friends for forever.
Our friendship will stay standing through this life and the next.
But for this birthday post I would like to share some of my most favorite memories of Leah and why she is so important in my life.

The very first time I met Leah I was standing in the kitchen of my new apartment in Aug 08 [with butthead ex] and she came out of her room. She was going job hunting and had her bookbag on her back. There were EFY bracelets attached to it. We said hello and I quickly asked if she was an EFY counselor. She said yes...up in Rexberg. And at that moment I knew we would be instant friends, due to this shared love for EFY. She says she thought I was going to be a snob because i was "so pretty"...bah please. Like Leah's not gorgeous...

Another moment I knew Leah and I were meant to be was when the World Series came around in Oct 08 and she was just into the playoffs as I was. Jigga whaaat?! She loves baseball too?! Where have you been all my life? ha. But seriously...match in heaven? I say yes. Unfortunately her team is the Phillies...which is in my division...hence I am not the biggest fan of that team, but whatever. I can't have too much perfection I suppose. The Phillies were in the World Series so obviously Leah was all about them! I was going for the Rays cause let's face it...they're not in my division or league and are from Florida. We had many a party during the series. This one time we were at a house [butthead ex] and we got super decked out for this one game. I think it was game 3. I even did a special cheer for the middle of the 3rd. It was such a fun night!

Then there was the time for Valentine's Day that Leah filled that void that I had recently had with...her. She took it upon herself to become my Valentine. When I came home there was a Willow Tree figurine that looked like the two of us and a 2009 Braves calendar. It was the best!

Another great time with Leah was when we had the whole apartment to ourselves for a week because our other roommates went on spring break. We pulled our mattresses out into the living room and slept out there together all week. One night I was waiting for her and I was sitting on the mattress with my back leaning against the couch, reading. She came home an HOUR after she said she was going to be home. I was getting impatient! When she finally walked in the door I look up from my book and go, "Where have you been?! You're an hour late!" Married couple much?

That same week we went up to Idaho for her EFY interview. We woke up late! So when I finally woke up I started jumping on her bed and yelling, "First day of school! First day of school!" I don't know why, but we thought it was so funny. Hmm...

Leah is so great and always comes to support me at my various dance performances. She always cheers very loud! At my Club Style performance in April I seriously could hear her. When I got home that night from the performance there were balloons ALL over my room! I had no clue who did it. I found out she did and she had put 50 balloons in my room. And inside each balloon was a reason she loved me. It seriously made my life.

The last day I was in Provo before summer break, I spent with Leah...good person I think. We started the day by getting baseball t's and some iron on letters to put our names on the back. Leah may or may not have put a few of those letters on backwards. Hahaha. Then we went to the BYU baseball game in the glorious sunshine! Then we went home, changed, and hiked the Y! We talked about life as we sat up on the Y and looked at the valley. And what better way to eat back all those calories you burned then by going to Golden Corral?! It was such a fun day! I didn't want it to end because I knew the next day meant I was going to be separated from my best friend.

Over summer we knew things wouldn't be the same because she was going back to Idaho, but she sneakily decided to stay in Provo for this school year, but didn't tell me. It was the greatest surprise when I got back to know that she was staying in Provo! And even though life is busy and she had a boyfriend and now a's still great just having her close by.

Leah, you really saved my life. There was NO coincidence in us being put in the same apartment. I needed you. Heavenly Father knew I needed you. My parents and sisters were far away and I needed someone to give me reason to get up in the mornings. You saw me through the most awful time of my life and your enthusiasm, charm, jokes, love, and care made me see the good in the world. You were always there when I was crying. You were always there when I felt like my heart was literally crumbling into a billion pieces. You were always there when I just needed someone to cuddle with and feel close to. You were always there when I needed someone to tell me to read my scripture or say my prayers. Not that other people didn't help out in this process, but since I lived with you, you saw me in the times when no one else could. It was those middle of the night tears or sleepless nights that only you saw. If it weren't for you I don't know what I would be like right now. Would I still be heartbroken? Would I still cry? Would I still mourn? Or would I be happy again and have the confidence I need? I don't know...but one thing I do know is that I will be forever grateful for our friendship. We have something special. There is something I have with you that I truly cherish. I'm sad you are leaving me for the summer, but I'm excited to party with you in the south! :] I love you more than you could possibly know. Hope your birthday was great this year! I've loved spending the last 2 with you! You're amazing, beautiful, talented, and I hope we always keep our friendship the way that it is.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 for the way you look at me...

I'm in love.
I don't care anymore.
I will shout it for the whole world to hear.
I love a boy.
His name is Alex Foster and I think he is pretty darn great.
I've been in love with him since the beginning of February, but didn't quite know how to handle it.
I didn't wanna tell a lot of people because I just didn't know how to put all my feelings in order.
I think I was embarrassed because I should know.
I've been in love before.
I know what it feels like.
But this is SO much different than Dan.
We have THE most important thing in common, which is a love for the gospel.
Something I never fully shared with Dan.
Yeah you can have the same love for a sport or team. Yeah you can have the same taste in music. Yeah you can enjoy the same types of food or TV shows. And can even think that person is most attractive person in the entire world.
However...none of that compares to being able to connect on a spiritual level.
Sharing the gospel is a way to tie all of that "superficial" stuff together and then add in the real stuff. we feel about being children of God. Or the kind of family we want. Or how no matter how much we love each other, our love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will still outweigh it.
That's the real stuff.
Alex could tell me he hates the Braves, hates dancing, hates Hilton Head Island, and hates BYU. And even though that would totally suck [so please don't say that, Alex dear.] it still wouldn't matter because he tells me when he goes to the temple. He tells me when he's going to church. He tells me when he had a good Book of Mormon class. He has the Priesthood. He went on a mission. He knows what's most important in life.
And all of that means far more.

On a more romantic note...
He's sweet.
He's so dang sweet.
He will do pretty much anything I ask of him.
I feel like I already take advantage of that.
But at the same time I don't feel bad when he does stuff for me because I know he wants to do it. Not out of obligation or that's "just what you're supposed to do" but I know he does because he loves me and likes doing things for me.
Like how he'll go out to the car in freezing temperature cause I left something out there, but he knows I'll get cold.
Or how even though my hands get seriously so cold he'll still let me put them on his neck to get them warm.
Or how he'll hold my totally girly purse in a public place when I need to do something.
Or how he opens doors for me.
Or how he will drive down for not even 24 hours to surprise visit me.
Or how he'll always offer his hand or arm when we're walking matter if it's 5 steps or a 20 min walk.
Or how he'll always tell me I'm beautiful...even after a long day.
Or how he'll compliment my outfits because he knows how much fashion means to me and that I put thought into an outfit.
Or how I'll catch him looking at me...just because. He just likes to look at me. [in a non creepy way. haha.]
Or how I just know in his eyes that he thinks I'm the most amazing, most talented, most beautiful, most caring girl in the whole world.

But really, let's face it...he saved me.
Whether people knew it or not, I was hurt for a long time.
What Dan did to me killed me to the bone.
I think it killed me so much because I am so loyal.
I'm as loyal as a freakin dog.
Once you're friends with me, it is dang hard for me to not love and care about you anymore.
And I just couldn't believe that Dan did what he did.
You don't do that to people you "love."
I was in total despair for a long time.
I thought I would never be able to love again.
Even when I had convinced myself I was ok...I wasn't.
I was not ok.
I was still crying myself to sleep a year after the fact...and some.
But amidst all that struggle, Alex brought a new light to my life.
And no matter how hard I tried to deny it, shy away from it, and flat out push it away...there was a power higher than me that knew I needed him whether I wanted to accept the idea at first or not.
And I'm so grateful I was pushed.
Heavenly Father knew I needed Alex and that he needed me too.
I'm so grateful that the Father has a plan for me and that no amount of stress, worry, and pain will get in the way of ultimate happiness.
Alex has made that happiness come back in to my life.
Sure I had my amazing family and incredible friends, who I thank more than anything because without them I wouldn't have gotten through! [you know who you are.]
But there was still something missing.
Which is obvious.
We're sent here to learn and grow and be happy.
But we're not supposed to do it alone...we need a companion.
So Alex has become that.
He makes me happy. He makes me laugh. He makes me smile. He makes my faith stronger. He makes me realize how great life is.

So there ya have it people.
Y'all wanted to know what's going on...and this is it.
I'm in love.
I feel like Buddy the Elf when he falls in love with Jovie and then he yells: "I'm in LOVE, I'm in LOVE and I don't care who knows it!"

So Mr. Alex Foster...I know you're going to read this.
This is for you...I think you're great and I love you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

I'M 23!!!
When did that happen?!
I have no idea! Oh well...just gotta embrace it.
My legs are freshly shaved [you gotta have smooth legs for your birthday!] and I'm ready to have a great day!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Kris!

Today my oldest sister, Krista, is 31 today!

Let me tell y'all something about Krista: she's amazing.
Seriously. It's kinda crazy how each one of us 3 girls are so alike and yet so different. We each have our own personalities and strengths, but then we become one. I am so grateful to have 2 amazing older sisters, but since it's Krista's birthday today this blog is all about her. So let me tell y'all my favorite things about this sister of mine.

She is so freakin talented! She is a cook, a creator, a photographer, a singer, a publicist, a writer...let me just put it to you this way: she can do basically anything she sets her mind to. I don't know how her mind does it. She has a gift that I wish I had.

She is an amazing example to both me and Karly. She always says she takes her job as the oldest sister very seriously. And she does. She had to walk the path first while we watched from behind. They are some pretty dang good footsteps to be walking in.

Krista loves to throw a good party...and she's great at it. [of course...haven't we established she's good at everything?] Whether it's for herself or for others, she throws the best birthday parties, bridal showers, General Conference brunches, dinner parties, name it and everything from the food to the decorations is perfect.

Krista is inspiring. She's always one to lift up those around her. She's constantly positive and has a good head on her shoulders. She knows her life is exactly where it is supposed to be and she's never lost sight in that. She is a woman of faith. People see that and want to be like her.

Krista is so so gorgeous! Her smile, her eyes, her glow...she is beautiful. [good thing Kar & I look like her. Bahaha.]

And lastly...I love that Krista tells me about the day I was born every year on my birthday. She really should write it down sometime, because it is a great story. It is a tradition that I love and expect to happen. And it 5 days.

Kris, [only Kar & I can shorten her name. Don't try it yourself.] Happy Birthday! I'm so glad I could be with you on your birthday and spend time in your presence. You're smart, witty, talented, beautiful, and someone we can all look up to. I love you! Hope you've had a great 31st!

Life Has Lovliness To Sell

That is my theme for March.
It is the title of my new favorite poem by Sara Teasdale.
I heard it from my biology teacher, Prof Black.
He's seriously the greatest teacher.
He teaches things that really birds, bats, bears, cats, sharks, trees, etc...
He doesn't care if we learn about mitosis or chromosomes.
Which I'm totally cool with cause I was DREADING taking Biology.
I couldn't have picked a better teacher to make me want to go to class and learn.
I'm actually retaining the things I know. I now know how birds can fly. I now know the difference between a bat wing and a bird wing. I now know why bears can hibernate. It's pretty cool.
Anyways, I'm digressing. But Prof Black always gives us cool things like poems, lyrics, videos, etc that really enrich our lives. We sing in class alll the's awesome!
Recently he gave us this poem and I fell in love with it.
I now need to memorize it! It goes like this.

Life has loveliness to sell,
All beautiful and splendid things;
Blue waves whitened on a cliff,
Soaring fire that sways and sings,
And children's faces looking up,
Holding wonder like a cup.

Life has loveliness to sell;
Music like a curve of gold,
Scent of pine trees in the rain,
Eyes that love you, arms that hold,
And, for the Spirit's still delight,
Holy thoughts that star the night.

Give all you have for loveliness;
Buy it, and never count the cost!
For one white, singing hour of peace
Count many a year of strife well lost;
And for a breath of ecstasy,
Give all you have been, or could be.

So that's my theme for this month.
Life has loveliness to sell.
So true.
Time to shop.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Wish List.

It's March! Hooray! That means it is going to be a great month.
Why you may ask?
Well...many reasons.
1) Krista's Birthday on March 4th!
2) March Madness begins!
3) St. Patrick's Day...and I kinda love green. [and pots of gold.]
4) Spring officially begins on the 21st!
5) And last [but certainly not least] my BIRTHDAY on the 9th!
I love birthdays!
My whole family does.
At my house, birthdays are no slight event.
All growing up the entire house was dedicated to a birthday.
First we would wake up to mother video recording us [sometimes at the exact time we were born.] Then we'd walk out and there would be tons of decorations! Balloons, streamers, and signs everywhere! Mama would usually make us some sort of name tag to wear to school like "Birthday Princess" or "I'm [insert age] today!" Dinner was our choice...whether we picked the menu or picked the place to go. I remember for my 13th Bday I picked Fuddruckers. And my menu for the house usually consisted of mac & cheese and hot dogs. [Big spender, I know.] From there we usually had some sort of party on the weekend...either surprised or planned. There have been many a birthday party in my house! I am seriously so grateful birthdays are a big deal in my family...cause they are. Really. I're celebrating the birth of someone! That's a grand event! I'm grateful for a lot of people coming in to this world, so it's awesome we get to celebrate that particular day when they did!

Anywho...I know I already have a lot...and I don't really need anything. But obviously there are always things we, as a human race, want. Krista always sends links to things she I suppose I will do the same. But really...a hug, a kiss, and a happy birthday will do just fine. [Or a gift card to Charlotte Russe...cause I really could spend all my money in that store...esp now. SUCH cute stuff coming in for spring! GAH!]

LOVE this headband.
And this one too.
And perhaps this one as well.
In some serious love with this one.
So delightful.
And of course, I think the King of Pop, MJ, is amazing, so if I got his movie, "This Is It," I would be a happy camper.

That's my birthday list. [Krista, if you can make any of that...feel free. :]
But to be honest, I just want to spend it with people I love.
I gotta start planning...
Happy March! Hope it's smashing!