Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Wish List.

It's March! Hooray! That means it is going to be a great month.
Why you may ask?
Well...many reasons.
1) Krista's Birthday on March 4th!
2) March Madness begins!
3) St. Patrick's Day...and I kinda love green. [and pots of gold.]
4) Spring officially begins on the 21st!
5) And last [but certainly not least] my BIRTHDAY on the 9th!
I love birthdays!
My whole family does.
At my house, birthdays are no slight event.
All growing up the entire house was dedicated to a birthday.
First we would wake up to mother video recording us [sometimes at the exact time we were born.] Then we'd walk out and there would be tons of decorations! Balloons, streamers, and signs everywhere! Mama would usually make us some sort of name tag to wear to school like "Birthday Princess" or "I'm [insert age] today!" Dinner was our choice...whether we picked the menu or picked the place to go. I remember for my 13th Bday I picked Fuddruckers. And my menu for the house usually consisted of mac & cheese and hot dogs. [Big spender, I know.] From there we usually had some sort of party on the weekend...either surprised or planned. There have been many a birthday party in my house! I am seriously so grateful birthdays are a big deal in my family...cause they are. Really. I're celebrating the birth of someone! That's a grand event! I'm grateful for a lot of people coming in to this world, so it's awesome we get to celebrate that particular day when they did!

Anywho...I know I already have a lot...and I don't really need anything. But obviously there are always things we, as a human race, want. Krista always sends links to things she I suppose I will do the same. But really...a hug, a kiss, and a happy birthday will do just fine. [Or a gift card to Charlotte Russe...cause I really could spend all my money in that store...esp now. SUCH cute stuff coming in for spring! GAH!]

LOVE this headband.
And this one too.
And perhaps this one as well.
In some serious love with this one.
So delightful.
And of course, I think the King of Pop, MJ, is amazing, so if I got his movie, "This Is It," I would be a happy camper.

That's my birthday list. [Krista, if you can make any of that...feel free. :]
But to be honest, I just want to spend it with people I love.
I gotta start planning...
Happy March! Hope it's smashing!


Kevin & Ashley said...

OH GOSH girl those headbands are adorable and the dresses of course too! We both need to make Shabby Apple do a trunk show in Provo where we can actually try on the dresses and save money on shipping in case it doesn't fit!

Lori said...

I'm so excited to celebrate YOU! Actually I do everyday, but March 9the is the bestest day--it should be a national holiday! So as we enter your birthday week, just know that the thoughts just flood back to the days before you were born--the miracle that you were and are! You know I could go on and on--but that drives everyone nuts so I won't! But have a great week! (p.s. Dress size on the dresses--shabby has odd sizes!)

Kaycie Q said...