Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Fever

I am so excited for winter to be gone.
I did not do nearly as many "wintry" activities as I had thought I was going to.
I did not go sledding.
I did not go tubing.
I did not make a snowman.
I did not drink hot chocolate all the time.
I think I still have time to go ice skating at 7 Peaks...I should do that.
But in my defense, it is not really my fault.
There has not been nearly as much snow as there normally is!
It has been glorious!
This is the most mild winter I have ever seen here.And yet...I am still ready for it to be warm & sunny everyday!
I'm ready for people laying on the grass on campus.
I'm ready for flip flops [which I do wear some days already.]
I'm ready for smoothies and snow cones, especially since we found this amazzzing new place by the dorms!
I'm ready for finals to be here so this semester can be over!
My schedule is wearing me thin and I pray everyday that time will fly so the end of April will be here!
However, even though these last few months have seemed so mild, in true Utah fashion, I know it will snow like once at the end of March, once at the end of April, and quite possibly a few times in May.But spring...can you hurry up please?
I want to see your tulips and butterflies.
Thank you.