Thursday, September 25, 2014

Still alive. Not burnt.

Well...I would say we are officially moved in.
Every box unpacked.
Every wall decorated.
Everything put away. (until Kameron takes it out...)
Feels good.

It's still about 30 degrees hotter than I am fond of...but that's ok.
Definitely forces us to use our pool and community splash pad regularly.

Kam Update: almost 14 months.
Got another tooth.  That brings us to 4 up top, 2 on the bottom.
Knows what an elephant, dog, and duck say.  (Snake is hit or miss.)
Says: mama, dada, up, hot, duck, and yeah.
Loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while he eats his breakfast.
Tries real hard to run.  Usually doesn't end well.
Tantrums have hit the fan.
Speaking of fan...he does the sign for fan and spots them wherever we are.
Loves to play tag, hide & seek, and Where's Kameron??
He's a challenge sometimes, but he's my little buddy.
I love spending my days with him.

Alex update: almost 27 years old...haha.
Enjoys his job teaching.
Some days he's had enough, but mostly he comes home happy.
The kids love him.
They draw him pictures and call him "Senor F." (said in Espanol of course.)
Gets out his guitar every few days.  Kameron loves it!  He dances and tries to play.
He's found a few guys in our ward who like to play golf so he's going to start going to the driving range once a week with them to hit some balls.
Really happy about the Dodgers winning the division title.
Great dad and even better husband.

Me update: already 27 years old...wha wha whaaaa...
I won't lie.  The first month or so was pretty difficult.
My system was in a bit of shock.
I had no friends, no grandparents around, Alex gone all day, no dancing...just unpacking and talking to a 1 yr old.
I am pleased to report I am much happier these last few weeks.
I've found some friends in the ward.  That alone has made a HUGE difference.
It's fun to have play dates, girl's nights, and have other moms to talk to/see on a regular basis.
I am teaching Zumba 2-3 times a week.  It's been a fun adventure...and obviously a great work out.
I am now a consultant for Usborne Books & More.  Also a fun adventure.
And I'm in the works of getting a few piano students and teaching hip hop.
Back to being busy and I like it.
What I love most is being able to do it all while being home with Kameron.
I sure love that little dude.

It's been fun being near family!
We've seen our sisters and their families a few times each.
My in laws came for a weekend to bring the rest of our stuff.
My sister, Krista, is coming to visit next week.
Can't wait for my parents to come in January!

I guess that's about it!
Hopefully I can get back to regular blogging so I don't have these massive updates!
And here are pictures of Kameron for your viewing pleasure. :)