Tuesday, August 30, 2011

last night.

We ate pretzels while both sitting in the La-Z-Boy.
We picked out our activity from the FHE jar which said, "Eat at a local hole in the wall joint. Those usually are the best places."
I texted Krista since neither one of us knew of any holes in the wall.
She gave us 3 to choose from.
We sang "I Am a Child of God" from the Children's Songbook.
Him on the ukelele, me on...nothing. Just singing.
We sang all FOUR verses.
I gave the spiritual thought.
To the car.
Stopped at Michael's to get wire for hanging pictures purposes.
Stopped at a nail salon because my acrylics had got to go.
Lady told us 30 mins.
An hour and a half later...we're walking out.
Alex's tummy was grumbling and blood sugar dropping so we needed to get somewhere quick.
Sorry hole in the wall joint.
Training Table beat you out.
Better luck next time.
Got home and put that FHE slip back in the jar for a later date.
Watched Cake Boss.
Got ready for bed.
Said our prayers.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Husband. y'know...that Alex guy.

I don't have much time to blog as our apartment is still in quite the process mode. We have all of the furniture moved in or put together (yay IKEA) except for a bedside stand and a shelf for the bathroom. (NO storage in the bathroom so our stuff is all on the floor.) However, the unpacking is taking a long time and now that I am home from work and Alex will soon be home from school, our FHE activity will commence. FHE activity: unpacking more! bleh. Oh well...it's been fun.

The reason though I wanted to blog, was to publicly say how much I love my husband.
That's still a little strange to say.
I am a wife.
We randomly have these moments where we look at each other, stare for like 4 seconds, then say at the same time, "We're married."
It's cool though. I highly recommend marriage.
Anywho: reasons why I love my husband of one week and 3 days:
1. He was EVER so patient with me on our wedding night. (too much info? oh well.)
2. I still find him staring at me. Just because.
3. He tells me he loves me probably around 20 times a day.
4. On the last night of our honeymoon we took a night stroll on the beach. We walked barefoot back to the hotel and I started to cry. I love the south and the coast and was really sad to get on a plane the next morning. He lifted me up on the bed, hugged me, kissed my cheek, and let me lay down (feet dangling since they still had sand on them). Then he went and got a wet washcloth and a dry towel and proceeded to wipe all the sand off my feet and even got in between my toes. Then dried them off and came back to cradle me...all while I'm crying.
5. He's done with his getting ready for bed routine quicker than me. When I get in the room he is kneeling by the side of the bed waiting for me to join him to say our nightly prayers.
6. As I was leaving for work this morning he jumped up out of the chair to give me a big hug and kiss (or 5 or 6 maybe...) and told me he loved me. Then asked if there was any house work I wanted him to do. I just asked him to make the bed. I got back from work...and it was made.

He's a great husband, he is.
I love being married to him.

Monday, August 8, 2011


First, EFY was AWESOME! Sad it was my last year, but so happy the summer was a success.
Second, Bridezilla?
Well...I am definitely not at this stage:

I am, however, in this stage:

Completely and totally overwhelmed. The to-do lists keep getting longer. Even though things get checked off...the bottom gets longer so it feels like there's no headway. I am so so grateful I have sisters, a mother, sisters at church, and bridesmaids coming soon! This day could not happen without them. Whenever I get overwhelmed though, I just think about this handsome guy and it helps remind me that I am marrying such an amazing person. And that all of this will not be remembered because the wedding happiness will fade it all away.

I seriously am so excited to get married.
I love him, I love him, I LOVE HIM.