Tuesday, May 25, 2010


You know how we all have those "ah hah" moments?
Where life suddenly makes that much more sense,
or you realize how much the stars are aligning?
Well...I had one of those moments today.

In my cooking class we were doing breakfast foods today. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I rarely skip it because I think it is so satisfying and I think breakfast foods are awesome: pancakes, eggs, french toast, muffins, smoothies, toast, sausage, waffles, scones, bacon, granola, fruit, crepes, breakfast burritos, bagels, oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, and of course OJ. Now that I made you completely hungry...I shall now get to my point.
My kitchen was assigned to make a few things, one of which were PB&J Muffins. Now I was a bit skeptical at first...like how is that possible? PB&J is seriously one of my most favorite snacks, but how can you put it in a muffin? Well...we did. [And even hid some carrot puree in there to get some veggies in our diet. Sneaky sneaky.]
Well, they were delicious. Definitely something I fell in love with.
The flavors all melted together and oh man...it was just awesome.So as I'm walking out of class I'm texting Alex informing him of this heaven sent muffin. He was telling me that he wanted to try it, but then I decided to ask him if he really even liked PB&J...cause if you don't, I don't think you'd like this muffin. And this is how our convo went from there:

Me: Do you like PB&J sandwiches?
Alex: As long as its smooth peanut butter and there's not a ton of fruit chunks in it.
[me with a huge grin on my face because wow...that's exactly how I like my PB&J's.]
Me: Oh man...we are perfect for each other.
Alex: Yes! I was afraid of how you liked yours. haha

And there you have it ladies and gents...if I didn't know before...I know with a surety now that this Alex kid is UH-mazing. :] Shoot...I just realized I don't know his favorite brand of peanut butter OR jelly. This is vital to the PB&J experience. I'll ask him another day...

[sorry if this blog turns into an "Alex tribute" but let's face it...it just might.]

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

how much you love.

So maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic, but...I kinda love this guy right here:
He's so cute, huh?
I kinda think so.
I'll tell you a secret about him...he's perfect.
Ok, well no one is perfect unless your name starts with a "J" and ends with an "S."
But he's perfect...for me.
He listens to me when I'm either super excited and have so much to say he really couldn't get a word in edgewise OR he listens because I've had a hard day and just need to cry and let my frustration out OR he listens if he knows what's good for him when I'm upset with him and reprimand him. HA!
He will eat vegetables, not because he likes them [cause he doesn't unless it's carrots and ranch] but because I made them and I ask him to eat them. [yeah...like you would do with a 4 year old.]
He will give me a back rub whenever I ask...even if he's already given me 2 that day. [and he's good.]
Even though I'm sure he'd rather be listening to bands from like 30 years ago, he'll listen to what I like in the car.
He will watch chick flicks with me...and laugh. [He loves Never Been Kissed.]
He is the last text I receive at night and the first text I get when I start my day.
He loves my family and is just as excited as I am when we can spend time with them.
He usually lets me have my way. [Because he knows I'm right. :]
He's not too prideful to take my advise.
He looks at me ALL the time. Seriously, next time you're around him just watch. [I hope he does it now. haha.]
He has NO qualms about holding my hand, putting his arm around me, stroking my hair, or just looking at me...just because. [Girls need that, y'know?]
Those are just a few of the great things about this Foster kid and I'll stop because I'm sure he's embarrassed enough that I'm blowing his "cool" cover.You know how even though you know something's right, it still feels good to get righteous outside opinions? It just makes you even more settled?
Well that got to happen to me this past weekend.
Alex & I had the awesome privilege of taking up a few days residence at Krista's home.
We got to spend some great time with her and during one of those conversations while we were all literally nestled up in the comfy couch, [me obviously in the middle. Best spot...boyfriend on one shoulder, sister on the other.] she said something that maybe might not seem that profound to everyone else, but to me it was.
She was making Alex blush by saying some of the great things he does, like being so doting, but then she kinda got choked up and looked into his eyes and said, "I love how much you love my Kayc." [I think that's right. ha.]
Geez, now here I am getting choked up just replaying it in my head.
I guess because I hadn't really thought about it before.
I've been in relationships before; I've gotten flowers and chocolates; I've held hands and kissed other guys...but this is different.
You can seriously tell Alex is so head over heels for me.
Little 'ole me.
I don't know what I did...but he's whipped. HA!Another important thing about Krista's comment is the fact that she's letting him love me. My whole family's always been protective of me. It's kinda an unwritten rule when you're born last and everyone still calls you "the baby."
That protection only became worse about 2 years ago.
So whoever I did end up dating would have some major hurdles to jump over to get my family's approval.
He had a slight advantage since they all saw him with his missionary mantle about him, but even if they hadn't, I'm sure he still would've won them over.
I know he won me over.
I'd rather be with him than anyone else. We don't have to be doing something grand and extravagant. Just simple will do. So whether it's laying on a blanket in the park talking or playing the piano and guitar together, I'm happy.

I should probably end this post before he seriously gets way too embarrassed.
Haha...sorry, I just love to brag because it's worth bragging about!
But I'll stop. But basically Krista's words were a great thing for me to hear.

I love how much he loves me too.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, Mama dear!
You deserve a day [or month] full of music, neckos, ice cream, and your children.
Sorry none of us could be there with you!
But I hope the day was still great and you remembered how much we love and appreciate you.
Krista, Alex, and I spent the breakfast hour talking about you and how great you are.
Lots of good memories were said and laughed about.You really are an amazing woman and I hope that when I am a mother someday that I can be as fun, loving, talented, beautiful, and amazing as you!
You're the best mama in the whole world.
[I know everyone says that, but I'm the one that's right. :]
Thank you for everything you've done over the years including home schooling me, taking me to my various dance and music lessons, living your testimony, being so freakin funny, and letting us know that family was the most important thing.
I know you might feel like some things went unnoticed or unappreciated, but that's not true.
I value you more than you know!
There are many days when all I want is you.
I miss your singing, I miss your sense of humor, and I miss just being around you.
You're my number one lady and I hope you know how much I love you.Happy Mother's Day, Mama.
You're one stellar madre!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nie's Message

You might remember this post from awhile back.
Well, I'm still obsessed with Nie and she literally inspires me every time I read her blog.
She has more strength than I could ever hope for.
The LDS church puts out these videos on YouTube called "Mormon Messages."
Their latest is on her, Nie. And her story.
I know it's been circling around and pretty much everyone has seen it, but I still wanted to share just because my testimony was strengthened from watching.

Click here to watch it.
And enjoy. [I know I did.]

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cramps and Recipes.

Yeah the title probably startles you.
Let me just say that I have never in my life had cramps this bad. Ever.
It's a good thing I don't have work tonight cause I can barely walk around my apartment.
So that leaves me confined to my bed, except for when I venture out for chips & salsa...because that's all that sounds good.
Being confined to my bed makes me think that I should be productive.
After going to hard for 4 months straight though...it is difficult to be productive when I do have free time.

However, I am taking one class this semester - SFL 340 [Family Meal Management]
It's only been one week, but I already LOVE it!
So far we have made baked apples and homemade bagels! I'm slightly obsessed with the bagels. We calculated how much it cost us to make 12 (35 cents) whereas you can buy a pack at the store of only 6 for like $3. Much better deal! PLUS...you can do whatever you want to them! Whole wheat, blueberries, onion, raisins, cinnamon, flaxseed, or ALL together. Haha. My fav combo we made was whole wheat blueberry and whole wheat onion. They were super easy too, which you wouldn't think they would be. The more practice I have I bet I'll get better and it will go faster. Someday I'll probably make them every week just to have them on hand.
Today we went on a field trip to the Macey's grocery store and Macy's department store. At Macey's we went behind the scenes and saw everything. There is SO much more in there than I ever realized and SO much more I am entitled to as a consumer than I ever realized. Then at Macy's she talked to us about what kitchen appliances we absolutely need, what pots and pans are best, differences in dishes, etc.
It was seriously SO fun!
So now I am kindof obsessed with all this junk. I used to make fun of my sister, Krista, for being so obsessed with kitchen gear, but I am turning into her. It's SO fun! Food is so great.

So now...back to my confinement of the day.
I've literally been looking at recipes for three [count them...THREE] hours and saving the ones that look good. I want to try them all out! Pretty much every recipe I can alter to be healthier by either adding veggies, using wheat flour, sweeteners instead of sugar, sugar free stuff, cooking spray instead of butter, etc. I wish I had more time to cook always. But it is way difficult to cook for just one person. PB&J wins the majority of the time. I need my boyfriend down here so I'll at least have someone else. [can you just move down here now, please? thanks.]
Anyways, that's been my afternoon.

Up next for the evening?
Chips and salsa.
Glee at 8. [T-minus 36 mins]
More fetal positioning.
Mustering out a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for my womanhood and those Godgiven womanly organs.

Hope your evening is filled with yummy food, recipe research, and a content uterus.