Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cramps and Recipes.

Yeah the title probably startles you.
Let me just say that I have never in my life had cramps this bad. Ever.
It's a good thing I don't have work tonight cause I can barely walk around my apartment.
So that leaves me confined to my bed, except for when I venture out for chips & salsa...because that's all that sounds good.
Being confined to my bed makes me think that I should be productive.
After going to hard for 4 months straight though...it is difficult to be productive when I do have free time.

However, I am taking one class this semester - SFL 340 [Family Meal Management]
It's only been one week, but I already LOVE it!
So far we have made baked apples and homemade bagels! I'm slightly obsessed with the bagels. We calculated how much it cost us to make 12 (35 cents) whereas you can buy a pack at the store of only 6 for like $3. Much better deal! PLUS...you can do whatever you want to them! Whole wheat, blueberries, onion, raisins, cinnamon, flaxseed, or ALL together. Haha. My fav combo we made was whole wheat blueberry and whole wheat onion. They were super easy too, which you wouldn't think they would be. The more practice I have I bet I'll get better and it will go faster. Someday I'll probably make them every week just to have them on hand.
Today we went on a field trip to the Macey's grocery store and Macy's department store. At Macey's we went behind the scenes and saw everything. There is SO much more in there than I ever realized and SO much more I am entitled to as a consumer than I ever realized. Then at Macy's she talked to us about what kitchen appliances we absolutely need, what pots and pans are best, differences in dishes, etc.
It was seriously SO fun!
So now I am kindof obsessed with all this junk. I used to make fun of my sister, Krista, for being so obsessed with kitchen gear, but I am turning into her. It's SO fun! Food is so great.

So now...back to my confinement of the day.
I've literally been looking at recipes for three [count them...THREE] hours and saving the ones that look good. I want to try them all out! Pretty much every recipe I can alter to be healthier by either adding veggies, using wheat flour, sweeteners instead of sugar, sugar free stuff, cooking spray instead of butter, etc. I wish I had more time to cook always. But it is way difficult to cook for just one person. PB&J wins the majority of the time. I need my boyfriend down here so I'll at least have someone else. [can you just move down here now, please? thanks.]
Anyways, that's been my afternoon.

Up next for the evening?
Chips and salsa.
Glee at 8. [T-minus 36 mins]
More fetal positioning.
Mustering out a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for my womanhood and those Godgiven womanly organs.

Hope your evening is filled with yummy food, recipe research, and a content uterus.


Krista said...

Never, Never, Never, Ever talk about cramps again on your blog. Period. (no pun intended.)

As for the kitchen appliances ... once you start you will never be able to go back! :) haha Next on the list for me? A mallet. I NEED one. Really really bad.

And p.s. I think you should make bagels this weekend when you and lexy are here. yeah? yeah.

Lori said...

hope you feel better...
enjoy your bagels!

Kevin & Ashley said...

Oh fun! THat class sounds so great! I totally need to take that class!!! I'm sorry you have cramps :( Hope you feel better soon! Those suck for sure. You'll have to let me know which recipes are good :) Oh and you should come to a Baseball game next week!