Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's a Small World After All...

...I hope all y'all sang that in your head. Or aloud. Either will do.

I've had SO many moments within the last month where all you can say is: "Man, what a small world!" or "Wow, what are the chances?" or "Did that seriously happen?"
Y'know...I'm talking about those things called coincidences.
I, however, do not believe in that word.
I believe that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is involved in the tiny details of our lives so every interaction we have is perfectly planned out and executed.

Planned & Executed #1.
Alex and I went and did sealings at the Salt Lake Temple. As we're sitting the Celestial Room together, I see this man looking at me from across the room. He semi looks like the director of New Haven, so I'm thinking it's Dustin for like 2 minutes. Then this man stands up and starts to walk over towards me. As he gets closer, I realize this is not Dustin. This man crouches down beside us and asks, "Are you Krista Maurer's sister?" (I get that a lot with many different renditions all meaning, "Are you a Maurer because you all look like the same person?") I say yes, obviously and right before he introduces himself, I know EXACTLY who he is. His name is Ryan Garrett. Or as I so fondly know him as...Elder Garrett. Yep...he served in my ward when I was like 6 or 7! There are pictures of him holding me, rollerblading with me, etc. I loved him to bits, but I have not seen him since roughly 1993. He was so happy to hear Alex served in the Georgia Macon Mission and we had a lovely conversation (with his wife, also) in the temple. We may have gotten some looks from people to quiet down, but it was SO exciting! That is no coincidence.

Planned & Executed #2:
Alex and I went to go get our haircut at the Paul Mitchell hair school in SLC. I sit down with my lady, she takes me over to wash my hair, and we start talking. Through a series of questions, my job comes around, and we find out that one of MY co-workers used to work with my hairdresser like 2 years previous. What are the chances?! That is no coincidence.

Planned & Executed #3:
I am doing the Ragnar run in June. I know...I'm crazy. My sister in law convinced me. I'm actually pretty excited though. Anywho, Brittany had all 6 of us on our team meet up at her house so I could meet the other ladies and figure out what legs we're going to do. They are all ladies from her ward and are awesome! It's going to be a fun time. Fast forward 5 weeks. I walk in to teach dance. One of my newer girl's mom walk by and I think to myself, "I feel like I know her." After dance I see her again and I make the connection. I'm running the Ragnar with her! I'm running the Ragnar with one of my student's moms. That is no coincidence.

Planned & Executed #4:
Last night I am at SmashBurger with one of my girls on a fun pass. I am filling up my soda cup and someone calls my name. I turn around and there sits Elder McKinley with his wife. Well...Aaron McKinley I suppose he is. He served in my ward when I was home for Christmas break of '06 and was still there when I went home for summer '07. He was companions with Elder Clinton and the pair of them are pretty legendary in my ward. They're super great guys. was fun to see him and catch up a bit since I haven't seen him since the mission. That is no coincidence.

Planned & Executed #5:
TODAY I am on UVU's campus taking one of my girls to school. As we are walking back to the car I see...Elder Clinton! Elder McKinley's (see just right up above) companion! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?! I haven't seen either one of them in years and I see both of them within 18 hours of each other! That is no coincidence.

I love moments like this in life. They remind me of just how awesome this life can be. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tagging is fun.

I've been tagged!

Here are the rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo.
3. Post 11 random things about yourself/answer the questions
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter/facebook and tell them you've tagged them.

This is my favorite picture right now because it felt almost real being right beside Audrey's wax creation. I just want to be her best friend so badly...*le sigh*

Alright....question time.
1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Tahiti. And why you may ask? Well, I grew up on an island of paradise on the southern coast. It was awesome. There's nothing like growing up on the beach. One might think I'd be sick of the beach but oh contrar! I can never get enough of any sort of beach! So I choose Tahiti because it's tropical! Plus, they have all sorts of hips and booty shaking dancing, which is right up my alley. :) Of course I'd want all my friends and family to join me on said island and we'll all live happily ever after.

2. If you could change your name would you? If yes, what would it be and why? If no, what do you like about your name? (Have fun with this!)
If you had asked me this question in middle school, I would have said yes to changing my name. For the longest time I wanted my name to be Riley. Don't ask me why because I'm not sure. But since this question was asked now...NO! I LOVE my name! My sisters and I all start with the letter "K." Krista. Karly. And me...Kaycie. I really love the name Kaycie. A lot of fun nick names derive from my name: Kayc, Kayc Face, Basket Kayc, Kaycie at the bat, Kaycie and the Sunshine Band, Kaycie-Dia, etc. I also love how it's spelled. I've never met anyone with my spelling and I hope I never do! Thanks, Mama, for spelling it so great.

3. What is your most favorite book of all time? Why?
Ooo...that's a toughie. I'm really in love with The Great Gatsby! My American Lit teacher helped us dissect it in 10th grade and I've loved it ever since. The book is seeping with symbolism and underlying tones that make me think, which is something I like a book to do for me. (Dec. 2012 cannot come soon enough. They're remaking the movie with Leo DiCaprio starring as Gatsby!!!) I'm recently a BIG Hunger Games fan. And well...the Book of Mormon is cliche for someone such as I, but sorry charlie...that book changes lives, including my own.

4. What is your favorite color to paint your nails?
PINK! Nothing makes me happier than seeing a vibrant, hot pink on my nails. It's pretty much that color all summer long, besides the times I decide to be adventurous and try out some yellow or purple. But pink wins every time. Even in winter I can do a deeper, darker shade of pink and then in spring do a more pastel, soft pink.

5. What is your biggest/worst fear?
My biggest fear is that Alex will cheat on me. He has reassured me time and time and TIME again that such a catastrophe would never happen. But hear stories of adultery happening to couples you would have never expected. I don't want to be one of those stories. I 100% trust Alex so I'm definitely not expecting that to happen, but's an underlying fear that he has to calm down every so often. Bless his heart. :) I love him.

6. If you were on death row what would you request as your last meal?
Hmm...good question! There's so much foody goodness to have! However, I think I would choose Thanksgiving dinner. Every year after the meal I always think to myself, "I could eat that at least once a week!" Turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, rolls, green bean casserole, and sweet potatoes. I'm not the biggest fan of pie (I know...shoot me) so for dessert I want Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. (The Original with Strawberry topping, please.)

7. What's the worst injury you've ever had?
I'm not so accident prone. My tonsils came out when I was I think 6...can't remember anything about that except eating a lot of creamy, smooth things. I had toe nails fall off from my ballet pointe shoes, but that wasn't all that bad. I got a hair line fracture my freshman year at BYU from hiking in flip flops, but even that wasn't excruciating. I don't think I have a "worst" injury. Oh wait...ok, well this is not an injury, but it was the worst pain I've ever felt. I got LASIK almost a year ago. Best thing I've ever done! However, when the numbing eye drops wore off, those next 2 hours were straight up horrible! I felt like someone was holding a blow torch to my eyeballs! It was awful!! Thankfully it did not last long, but boy was it painful!

8. Describe your first crush and whether it was requited or not.
My first crush was Brad. I wish I could remember his last name so I could look him up and proceed to stalk him on Facebook so I can see what he's up to these days. He had perfect blonde hair, dreamy eyes, and a smile that would make you melt. He was my preschool boyfriend when I was the ripe, old age of 4. We were in Mrs. Broom's circle together. We did everything together. I remember many a date at the McDonald's playground which was all made of wood. (Hilton Head Island is classy like that. None of that bright, ugly plastic for us.) During circle time with Mrs. Broom, he would lay his head in my lap and I would stroke his hair and then I would lay my head in his lap and he would return the favor. My mother taught at this preschool so she was there to make sure we didn't get too out of hand. Oh yes...Brad requited very much so.

9. What do you take the most pictures of? of me and the hubster. I know once I have children it will be of them. So I need to document our lives together now since he may get camera ignored once a little one comes. I like to look at his handsome face and relish in the fact that he's so dang gorgeous.

10. If you were given a billion dollars today, what would you do?
How I wish Bill Gates would come to my door and write me that check. First, pay off my car. Second, pay off cars/houses for my family so I could alleviate their bills. Third, hire some smart stock broker to make me even more money. Fourth, invest some of it. Fifth, give some to the church for temple building/mission funds. Sixth, throw a MASSIVE party complete with blow up toys, Braves players there signing stuff for my guests, a photo booth, Cheesecake Factory catering, dolphin show, and a Sara Bareilles/John Mayer/Nsync/Carrie Underwood concert. Seventh, buy Alex any guitar he wants. Eighth, go on a shopping spree. Ninth, put the rest in savings for children's college/retirement. Now....where's Bill?

11.What do you feel is the biggest/best lesson you've learned from your spouse/marriage/relationship.
I feel that the best lesson I have learned thus far while being married is having a greater depth of selflessness. Putting off the things I may want/need to make sure he's happy/content is very fulfilling. I am no where near perfect at this, don't get me wrong, but I have felt an increase in wanting to serve Alex. The magic happens when both of us are doing this, so even though we're putting the other person before ourselves, we still get our needs met. I'm sure it's just prepping me to be a mother AND a wife. I like that. for the people I tag, these are your questions:
1. What is your favorite childhood memory?
2. If you could have a secret identity, what would it be?
3. If you could go back to any time period, which one would it be and why?
4. What is your absolute favorite song of all time? Why?
5. If you knew you were going to die in one week, what would you do for the remainder of your life?
6. If you could relive one moment in your life thus far, what would it be and why?
7. If you could meet anybody that has already passed on, who would it be?
8. What animal best describes you and why?
9. If a genie popped up and granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?
10. If you could have done one thing differently in your life so far, what would it be? Or do you not have any regrets and why is that?
11. If you could be the star in a movie that has already been made, which one would it be and why?

I tag:
Krista M.
Karly B.
Ashley S.
Nicole J.
Brittany D.
Kate W.
Brittany M.
Megan S.
Beth D.
Mari B.

And if you want to do it, but I did not tag you...feel free. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Krista!

My sister, Krista's, birthday was yesterday!
It seems as if she had a great birthday, which I'm so happy for, because she deserves it!
I was able to go out to dinner with her and Frit, go see "Big Miracle," and hang out at home before sleeping over.
I also got her some mismatched thrift store plates as a present.
Krista always says, "You cannot have to many dishes."
She would think differently if she lived in my apartment.

Happy Birthday, Krista!
I hope 33 treats you well!
We sure do love you lots!

And then just because I love this picture so much...
Here is my parents with Krista a looong time ago.
It still freaks me out how much Karly looks like mom in this picture.
Or any of us for that matter...
HURRAH for birthdays!
Especially ones I can celebrate!