Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Krista!

My sister, Krista's, birthday was yesterday!
It seems as if she had a great birthday, which I'm so happy for, because she deserves it!
I was able to go out to dinner with her and Frit, go see "Big Miracle," and hang out at home before sleeping over.
I also got her some mismatched thrift store plates as a present.
Krista always says, "You cannot have to many dishes."
She would think differently if she lived in my apartment.

Happy Birthday, Krista!
I hope 33 treats you well!
We sure do love you lots!

And then just because I love this picture so much...
Here is my parents with Krista a looong time ago.
It still freaks me out how much Karly looks like mom in this picture.
Or any of us for that matter...
HURRAH for birthdays!
Especially ones I can celebrate!