Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm already missing you, Escobar.

So as we all know, I have a slight obsession with the Braves.
As with any team we have our favorites.
Chipper Jones, Brian McCann, Jason Heyward, & Jair Jurrgens are among my current favs.
However, Yunel Escobar (who is beautiful) got traded to the Blue Jays.
Ash told me while I was at work.
My mood greatly shifted.
How could this happen?
Well, he was in a slump. Which is a pity.
They all go through slumps, but his slump costed him leaving.
I will definitely miss this little Cuban of mine when I go to Turner Field next.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the EFY life.

(my EFY besties. Thank Nina for us holding hands.)

the EFY life is the greatest type of life.
It seriously is.(this is how much we love EFY!)

No, but honestly. I am the happiest at EFY. I seem to always use EFY time as my checkpoint for my life. Every year is always so different. 07 was exciting and new, carefree. 08 I was engaged. 09 I was just getting over the breakup. And now 10 just all around made me a better person, or at least that's how I feel. I am so grateful for the experiences I got to have and for the opportunities presented before me for growth and renewal. Those 3 weeks zoomed by, but those 3 weeks were jam packed with events, tears, laughter, feelings of the spirit, learning, friendships strengthened, friendships gained, and commitments made. As much as I wish I could explain all of EFY to y'all, it's just impossible. There is nothing that could do justice to it. You just have to be there. However, here are some of the highlights that stick out to me as I look back on these last 3 weeks.
(Ammon and I on the first check-in day of the summer! Let the festivities begin!)
1. Having Ammon as a co-coordinator. Ammon is a rock. He is consistent in everything he does. I couldn't have asked to learn from someone better. He has more wisdom to share than your average person. It is common to see Ammon in the hallway reading his scriptures or the Ensign in his free time. (what little we have.) Being in this coordinator position is the closest thing I think I will experince to being in a marriage relationship. You are together all the time. Seriously, if Ammon was out of my presence for like an hour I would start to feel anxious. Pathetic? Haha, perhaps. You make decisions together. No matter if the decision is big or small, you have to talk and be on the same wave length. We are equal. Not one of us was better than the other. He would always ask my opinion on things, whereas some guys would have totally pulled the Priesthood card or the more experience card. But Ammon never did. You pray together. Not one night went by when we didn't pray together for the session, for our counselors, for our team, and for us as a partnership. I am so grateful for everything I learned from Ammon and I only hope he at least learned a tiny bit from me in exchange.
2. Seeing my favorite youth. I seem to be tighter with boys in GA and girls in FL. Not sure how that happened, but that's how it goes. They face so much every day of their lives. And most of them face it with the spirit and keep on chugging along. They're amazing. I look up to them and everything they do. I definitely did miss being a counselor when I would hang out with the youth.(some lovely ladies I know.)
3. Friendships. I have the greatest friends in the world. They are amazing counselors. They had amazing lessons and whenever I would get the chance to hear their testimonies, it brought life to my soul. Once the kiddies are gone there are many silly times and laughter. I love y'all!
(Sloppy Joe Day / Variety Show pre-party.)

4. Ashley Kay Sant. Ash is the best friend. She was always there to lend her support, words of kindness, and humor. It was great having her as a BC so I could see her a bunch! She did an incredible job as a BC and the team was better just because she was a part of it. Can't wait to live with you, Smash! LOVE YOU!
(Pizza Nights with Brad!)

(The team at Jordan's.)

5. My Team. Wow. What a powerhouse group of people! Our team was the best mesh of people and I was so happy with how we all worked together! So many counselors came up to me and said how much they enjoyed the team this year, even people who have been around A LOT of teams. I felt truly blessed to have every single one of them. I miss them all dearly. They became my family. At some point each one of them lifted me up and gave me something to smile about. Can't wait until we are all reunited! Love y'all!
(Soda Pop war for Ash's and my 5 year friend-iversary!)(Ammon, Ash, & I having some down time.)
(Ash & Me with our Benny Boy!)

Lastly, I am grateful for the spirit I felt every single day. The spirit brought me comfort, truth, and realization. I am so blessed to be a part of the EFY program. It is the greatest job in the world! Including my years as a participant and worker, this was my 10th summer at EFY! I have EFY to thank for a lot of my testimony, strength, & relationships. However, without the gospel it could not be possible. I have a renewed appreciation for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the peace, hope, and happiness it can bring to anyone who decides to accept it.

Dear EFY,
I miss you greatly.
Thank you for the best times of my year, once again.
Love, Kaycie (your biggest fan)