Wednesday, May 12, 2010

how much you love.

So maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic, but...I kinda love this guy right here:
He's so cute, huh?
I kinda think so.
I'll tell you a secret about him...he's perfect.
Ok, well no one is perfect unless your name starts with a "J" and ends with an "S."
But he's perfect...for me.
He listens to me when I'm either super excited and have so much to say he really couldn't get a word in edgewise OR he listens because I've had a hard day and just need to cry and let my frustration out OR he listens if he knows what's good for him when I'm upset with him and reprimand him. HA!
He will eat vegetables, not because he likes them [cause he doesn't unless it's carrots and ranch] but because I made them and I ask him to eat them. [ you would do with a 4 year old.]
He will give me a back rub whenever I ask...even if he's already given me 2 that day. [and he's good.]
Even though I'm sure he'd rather be listening to bands from like 30 years ago, he'll listen to what I like in the car.
He will watch chick flicks with me...and laugh. [He loves Never Been Kissed.]
He is the last text I receive at night and the first text I get when I start my day.
He loves my family and is just as excited as I am when we can spend time with them.
He usually lets me have my way. [Because he knows I'm right. :]
He's not too prideful to take my advise.
He looks at me ALL the time. Seriously, next time you're around him just watch. [I hope he does it now. haha.]
He has NO qualms about holding my hand, putting his arm around me, stroking my hair, or just looking at me...just because. [Girls need that, y'know?]
Those are just a few of the great things about this Foster kid and I'll stop because I'm sure he's embarrassed enough that I'm blowing his "cool" cover.You know how even though you know something's right, it still feels good to get righteous outside opinions? It just makes you even more settled?
Well that got to happen to me this past weekend.
Alex & I had the awesome privilege of taking up a few days residence at Krista's home.
We got to spend some great time with her and during one of those conversations while we were all literally nestled up in the comfy couch, [me obviously in the middle. Best spot...boyfriend on one shoulder, sister on the other.] she said something that maybe might not seem that profound to everyone else, but to me it was.
She was making Alex blush by saying some of the great things he does, like being so doting, but then she kinda got choked up and looked into his eyes and said, "I love how much you love my Kayc." [I think that's right. ha.]
Geez, now here I am getting choked up just replaying it in my head.
I guess because I hadn't really thought about it before.
I've been in relationships before; I've gotten flowers and chocolates; I've held hands and kissed other guys...but this is different.
You can seriously tell Alex is so head over heels for me.
Little 'ole me.
I don't know what I did...but he's whipped. HA!Another important thing about Krista's comment is the fact that she's letting him love me. My whole family's always been protective of me. It's kinda an unwritten rule when you're born last and everyone still calls you "the baby."
That protection only became worse about 2 years ago.
So whoever I did end up dating would have some major hurdles to jump over to get my family's approval.
He had a slight advantage since they all saw him with his missionary mantle about him, but even if they hadn't, I'm sure he still would've won them over.
I know he won me over.
I'd rather be with him than anyone else. We don't have to be doing something grand and extravagant. Just simple will do. So whether it's laying on a blanket in the park talking or playing the piano and guitar together, I'm happy.

I should probably end this post before he seriously gets way too embarrassed.
Haha...sorry, I just love to brag because it's worth bragging about!
But I'll stop. But basically Krista's words were a great thing for me to hear.

I love how much he loves me too.


Kevin & Ashley said...

Aww cute Kaycie! I was gonna ask about him at Zumba but I forgot (in between songs lol). When are you setting a date ;) Oh and the picture where your both wearing sunglasses, he looks like NieNie's hubby B.C.! Yea?

Lori said...

Don't get me started; I could go on for days!
You're perfect together! And it makes me so happy for both of you! Take care of each other!

Catherine Odiorne said...

ha ha Josh's name starts with a "j" and almost ends with a "s." It's ok both our boyfriends can be perfect lol:) miss you girl!!!!

Krista said...

oh lexy lexy,
you're so sexy,
but you're far away in rexy rexy.
so hurry back, so you can give
my little kayc, a pecksy pecksy
on the cheek, or on the mouth
she doesn't care!
cuz she is super flexy flexy.

...and over the moon for you.

as are we all.

he is definitely a keeper kayc. a real gem. and i love him to pieces.

Beth said...

I'm so happy that you're so happy! Love ya Kayc face.