Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, Mama dear!
You deserve a day [or month] full of music, neckos, ice cream, and your children.
Sorry none of us could be there with you!
But I hope the day was still great and you remembered how much we love and appreciate you.
Krista, Alex, and I spent the breakfast hour talking about you and how great you are.
Lots of good memories were said and laughed about.You really are an amazing woman and I hope that when I am a mother someday that I can be as fun, loving, talented, beautiful, and amazing as you!
You're the best mama in the whole world.
[I know everyone says that, but I'm the one that's right. :]
Thank you for everything you've done over the years including home schooling me, taking me to my various dance and music lessons, living your testimony, being so freakin funny, and letting us know that family was the most important thing.
I know you might feel like some things went unnoticed or unappreciated, but that's not true.
I value you more than you know!
There are many days when all I want is you.
I miss your singing, I miss your sense of humor, and I miss just being around you.
You're my number one lady and I hope you know how much I love you.Happy Mother's Day, Mama.
You're one stellar madre!


Lori said...

Sweet Angel Kaycie,
Thank you for all of the amazing things you said; those comments meant everything to me! YOU are incredible!
You girls have brought me more joy than you'll ever know--well, you'll know when you have your own children! I cherish every moment you & I had & will have together. I am the one who has been blessed. Heavenly Father opened up my heart and slipped you inside and I never loked back! I never knew I could feel such love! I'm grateful He trusted me--I know, ME!
YOU were my Carnegie Hall, My Broadway--and oh so much better and so much more!!! I love you & I'm honored to be your Mama!
And in response to your Mother's Day card, yes, we are the perfect mother/daughter pair! :0)
Hugs, tears & smiles! Mama

Lori said...

p.s. love the pic of you and alex!