Monday, August 8, 2011


First, EFY was AWESOME! Sad it was my last year, but so happy the summer was a success.
Second, Bridezilla?
Well...I am definitely not at this stage:

I am, however, in this stage:

Completely and totally overwhelmed. The to-do lists keep getting longer. Even though things get checked off...the bottom gets longer so it feels like there's no headway. I am so so grateful I have sisters, a mother, sisters at church, and bridesmaids coming soon! This day could not happen without them. Whenever I get overwhelmed though, I just think about this handsome guy and it helps remind me that I am marrying such an amazing person. And that all of this will not be remembered because the wedding happiness will fade it all away.

I seriously am so excited to get married.
I love him, I love him, I LOVE HIM.


Meggara said...

bridezilla hahahh

Beth said...

You can do it!! So happy for you. :)

KY said...

Aww you are so sweet :) I am happy that you are blessed with such a helpful and loving mother, BMs and MOH to help you with the process. It's overwhelming for sure but with their love and support you will get through. I promise!