Monday, February 1, 2010

February is here!

Praise the Lord!
I am kinda not a fan of January. It's cold, it's boring, there are no fun holidays to celebrate, and it seems like everything is so far away in the future!
So I am very happy the month of love has come upon us.
I like February for various reasons including: Karly AND McKell's birthdays [both on the 12th], Valentine's Day [I've had many a good one when I've been single, but now I'm going to have a Valentine!], long weekend for President's Day, & it's shorter so March can come faster!

Anyways, my theme for this month comes from e.e. cummings. He stated:

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."

I do love to laugh. Like for real.
Laughing is awesome!
It makes me instantly happier.

I also love laughter because everyone has a slightly different laugh.
Sometimes mine and Karly's or mine and Kell's come out the same, but for the most part...they are unique. And that's awesome.
So I want to laugh as much as I possibly can in February...and hopefully every day of my life too!

Here are some of my fav YouTube videos that make me laugh every single time!

Seriously so cute!

We got hooked to her music videos at EFY! Another good one is her Disturbia video!

Probably our most quoted video of the school year! So hilarious!

So that is it! Have a happy day! Tell someone you love is February and all. :]


Ashley Kay said...

i love that you put up Doglover and the lovely Tracy. so great.
p.s. can we find me a valentine? we got 13 days

Kevin & Ashley said...

HEY and its my birthday this month too! Love you! See you in exactly 2 hours....!!!

Kell said...

Ba hahaha! I love all those videos. Laughing is definitely a necessity in my life. And we've definitely had some good ones "I'm embarrassed... don't look at me..." ba ha You're great. :)