Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Leah Love.

So amidst my crazy life, I did not have time to do a bday post in celebration of my love: Miss Leah Jess Siebach!
[sorry Alex, for this post...she is my love.]

Leah turned the big 2-2 on March 18th!
There are so many wonderful things that I love about Leah.
Seriously...she saved my bacon. [even though we both hate bacon.]
She is such a great friend and I have never doubted that we will not be friends for forever.
Our friendship will stay standing through this life and the next.
But for this birthday post I would like to share some of my most favorite memories of Leah and why she is so important in my life.

The very first time I met Leah I was standing in the kitchen of my new apartment in Aug 08 [with butthead ex] and she came out of her room. She was going job hunting and had her bookbag on her back. There were EFY bracelets attached to it. We said hello and I quickly asked if she was an EFY counselor. She said yes...up in Rexberg. And at that moment I knew we would be instant friends, due to this shared love for EFY. She says she thought I was going to be a snob because i was "so pretty"...bah please. Like Leah's not gorgeous...

Another moment I knew Leah and I were meant to be was when the World Series came around in Oct 08 and she was just into the playoffs as I was. Jigga whaaat?! She loves baseball too?! Where have you been all my life? ha. But seriously...match in heaven? I say yes. Unfortunately her team is the Phillies...which is in my division...hence I am not the biggest fan of that team, but whatever. I can't have too much perfection I suppose. The Phillies were in the World Series so obviously Leah was all about them! I was going for the Rays cause let's face it...they're not in my division or league and are from Florida. We had many a party during the series. This one time we were at a house [butthead ex] and we got super decked out for this one game. I think it was game 3. I even did a special cheer for the middle of the 3rd. It was such a fun night!

Then there was the time for Valentine's Day that Leah filled that void that I had recently had with...her. She took it upon herself to become my Valentine. When I came home there was a Willow Tree figurine that looked like the two of us and a 2009 Braves calendar. It was the best!

Another great time with Leah was when we had the whole apartment to ourselves for a week because our other roommates went on spring break. We pulled our mattresses out into the living room and slept out there together all week. One night I was waiting for her and I was sitting on the mattress with my back leaning against the couch, reading. She came home an HOUR after she said she was going to be home. I was getting impatient! When she finally walked in the door I look up from my book and go, "Where have you been?! You're an hour late!" Married couple much?

That same week we went up to Idaho for her EFY interview. We woke up late! So when I finally woke up I started jumping on her bed and yelling, "First day of school! First day of school!" I don't know why, but we thought it was so funny. Hmm...

Leah is so great and always comes to support me at my various dance performances. She always cheers very loud! At my Club Style performance in April I seriously could hear her. When I got home that night from the performance there were balloons ALL over my room! I had no clue who did it. I found out she did and she had put 50 balloons in my room. And inside each balloon was a reason she loved me. It seriously made my life.

The last day I was in Provo before summer break, I spent with Leah...good person I think. We started the day by getting baseball t's and some iron on letters to put our names on the back. Leah may or may not have put a few of those letters on backwards. Hahaha. Then we went to the BYU baseball game in the glorious sunshine! Then we went home, changed, and hiked the Y! We talked about life as we sat up on the Y and looked at the valley. And what better way to eat back all those calories you burned then by going to Golden Corral?! It was such a fun day! I didn't want it to end because I knew the next day meant I was going to be separated from my best friend.

Over summer we knew things wouldn't be the same because she was going back to Idaho, but she sneakily decided to stay in Provo for this school year, but didn't tell me. It was the greatest surprise when I got back to know that she was staying in Provo! And even though life is busy and she had a boyfriend and now a's still great just having her close by.

Leah, you really saved my life. There was NO coincidence in us being put in the same apartment. I needed you. Heavenly Father knew I needed you. My parents and sisters were far away and I needed someone to give me reason to get up in the mornings. You saw me through the most awful time of my life and your enthusiasm, charm, jokes, love, and care made me see the good in the world. You were always there when I was crying. You were always there when I felt like my heart was literally crumbling into a billion pieces. You were always there when I just needed someone to cuddle with and feel close to. You were always there when I needed someone to tell me to read my scripture or say my prayers. Not that other people didn't help out in this process, but since I lived with you, you saw me in the times when no one else could. It was those middle of the night tears or sleepless nights that only you saw. If it weren't for you I don't know what I would be like right now. Would I still be heartbroken? Would I still cry? Would I still mourn? Or would I be happy again and have the confidence I need? I don't know...but one thing I do know is that I will be forever grateful for our friendship. We have something special. There is something I have with you that I truly cherish. I'm sad you are leaving me for the summer, but I'm excited to party with you in the south! :] I love you more than you could possibly know. Hope your birthday was great this year! I've loved spending the last 2 with you! You're amazing, beautiful, talented, and I hope we always keep our friendship the way that it is.