Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Kris!

Today my oldest sister, Krista, is 31 today!

Let me tell y'all something about Krista: she's amazing.
Seriously. It's kinda crazy how each one of us 3 girls are so alike and yet so different. We each have our own personalities and strengths, but then we become one. I am so grateful to have 2 amazing older sisters, but since it's Krista's birthday today this blog is all about her. So let me tell y'all my favorite things about this sister of mine.

She is so freakin talented! She is a cook, a creator, a photographer, a singer, a publicist, a writer...let me just put it to you this way: she can do basically anything she sets her mind to. I don't know how her mind does it. She has a gift that I wish I had.

She is an amazing example to both me and Karly. She always says she takes her job as the oldest sister very seriously. And she does. She had to walk the path first while we watched from behind. They are some pretty dang good footsteps to be walking in.

Krista loves to throw a good party...and she's great at it. [of course...haven't we established she's good at everything?] Whether it's for herself or for others, she throws the best birthday parties, bridal showers, General Conference brunches, dinner parties, name it and everything from the food to the decorations is perfect.

Krista is inspiring. She's always one to lift up those around her. She's constantly positive and has a good head on her shoulders. She knows her life is exactly where it is supposed to be and she's never lost sight in that. She is a woman of faith. People see that and want to be like her.

Krista is so so gorgeous! Her smile, her eyes, her glow...she is beautiful. [good thing Kar & I look like her. Bahaha.]

And lastly...I love that Krista tells me about the day I was born every year on my birthday. She really should write it down sometime, because it is a great story. It is a tradition that I love and expect to happen. And it 5 days.

Kris, [only Kar & I can shorten her name. Don't try it yourself.] Happy Birthday! I'm so glad I could be with you on your birthday and spend time in your presence. You're smart, witty, talented, beautiful, and someone we can all look up to. I love you! Hope you've had a great 31st!


Lori said...

kaycie, that was beautiful!

Krista said...

oh little baby...i sure love you. :) thanks for this.