Saturday, September 14, 2013

6 Weeks of Pure Love.

Things are really starting to get better around here.
For the most part. :)
I still have my moments when I get a little overwhelmed, but usually I really enjoy this whole "motherhood" thing.

Kameron has become such a joy in our house.
He's really starting to show us his personality more and more.
I live for his little squeals and the hit or miss smiles he offers to us.
I can't wait for him to smile all the time because it's the cutest thing in the world.

This past Sunday he was blessed.
It was a beautiful blessing and I'm so grateful for how many people came to support us.
(And this isn't even everybody!)

And because he looked so handsome in his little white sweater suit...a photo shoot was a must. :)

 Remember this post?
Well our boys were finally able to meet and become besties.
Kameron was more interested in sleeping and Blake was more interested in his binky...but it's ok!  It's a step in the correct direction. :)

I know people say you forget how hard things were in the beginning and I used to think they were crazy.
But it's true!
I already forget how hard those first few weeks were with him.
I mean, I remember it being hard...but I don't remember just HOW hard I know it was.
If that makes sense?

Now I just love every little bit about that baby Kam.