Monday, April 8, 2013

K, seriously?!

So I have this friend.
And quite a dear dear friend she is.
Her name is Brittany.
I've known Brittany since circa 1999?  Ish.
Regardless, that's more than half my life.

This is us Freshman year as roommates.
Remember that time I thought it'd be a good idea to gain 10 lbs AND cut my hair short?
Bad move, Kaycie.  Bad move.

There we were just young babies starting out our adult life.
I'll spare you all the sappy/awesome details of our friendship (with the mix in of Katie Claire) because my pregnancy hormones cannot handle it.
Which is precisely what this blog post is about.

Long story short: Brittany and I are BOTH pregnant.
BOTH with baby boys.
And are due 10 days apart from each other.
WHAT?  How does that happen?!
It's always your dream growing up to have babies at the same time your best friends do; but it's just that...a dream.  Not reality.
Well this folks, is reality.

And to show you just how bad these hormones will get you, lemme 'splain.
I went over to Britt's on Saturday night while Alex was going to Priesthood session.
I asked her what all she had for the babe so far and she started showing me.
Then she had some doubles of things so she gave them to me since I'm having a boy too.
One of the items was this hooded pool towel with this sweet green trimming and a tiny giraffe over the chest.
Then all the sudden my mind flashed to when our babies will be almost a year and we take them to the pool together and then after they're done having fun, we put them in these matching hooded towels and they'll hold hands and eat popsicles and give each other kisses (the masculine kind) and just be the best of friends.
Then I got a clump in my throat, my eyes started to well up, and I started to be a ridiculous mess of emotion.
That just made Brittany at first laugh but then her pregnancy hormones got the best of her and she started to cry.
So there we are just a crying mess, but also laughing at the same time because let's face was dang funny.
Finally we pulled ourselves together and carried on.

I'm so grateful I have a friend who just started crying with me.
She's the best.
Our boys are already friends.  We just know it.
We stomach bump them and say "Hi, best friend!"
(It's kind of like a fist pound...but way more awesome because amniotic fluid is involved here.)

That is just one example.
I could seriously embarrass myself with what I cry about these days.