Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gender Reveal!

Well I suppose I should FINALLY put up what we did to reveal the gender of our little baby!

We had quite the party....which is just how I like it.
I'm not one of those people that just wants a little post on Facebook.
No, no, no...this is revealing what my firstborn will be.  That definitely calls for a party!

Since we were going down to Arizona the day after we had the ultrasound, we decided it would be so fun to have the party down there since a bunch of family could be there too!
My sister, Karly, and her family as well as Alex's sister, Brittany, and her family live in Gilbert.
Plus my bestie, Ashley, now lives in Mesa and I was SO happy she could be there too!
My in-laws also drove down from Santa Barbara for the weekend.
We had my parents on FaceTime as well as my other sister, Krista, on FaceTime so everyone could watch the big reveal!

Everything was blue and pink and everyone had to cast in their guess!

This box had the blue balloons inside.  On the outside everyone had to write their name on the boy or girl and then tape it on accordingly.

Everyone who guessed girl with their pretty lips!
(I had some family and friends who guessed girl as well...so their names are on the box.)

Everyone who guessed boy with their curly mustaches!

My in laws opening the box!
And the blue balloons floated on out!

It was very exciting!  I loved everyone getting in to it and getting all excited!
It was so fun to have the balloons float out, everyone cheer and clap, and just be so happy for this little man to come!

 Now for some pictures:

Now if that isn't the cutest hand you ever did see.

His cute profile!

Look at that face.  I'm sure I think it's the cutest since I'm the one growing him, BUT...I think his little face is so adorable!
Alex went "Look!  He has your nose!"
I guess he does...it's still hard for me to tell. :)

I won't show off his man business because I'm pretty sure that'd be child porn and I'm not down with that.  But he sure did show it off once he decided to stop being wiggly!  No denying he's a boy!

I love this stage of my life.
It's all so new and scary and exciting all wrapped up together.
I'm so grateful for my sweet husband and that we can share all these new things with each other.  It's been so fun watching my husband grow more and more in love with our little man.  Alex has now felt him kick quite a bit and his kicking keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Only 17 more weeks to go!


brooke elyse said...

aren't those 4D ultrasounds incredible?!!? I love looking at them. It's absolutely amazing to see so much detail...

Gahhh congratulations Kayc! You're going to be an incredible mommy and your child is going to have the raddist parents around!


Lori said...

He's just the cutes little boy I ever did see! Can't wait to hold him and hug him and SPOIL him! I'm sooo happy for you and Alex, Kaycie! I remember those times and I cherish them still! Your little man is so blessed to have you as his cute mama! xo