Friday, April 26, 2013

Disney Child

I can't explain it really.
It just happened.
I fell in love with Disney the moment it hit my life.
See...look at this 2 year old birthday of mine:  Mickey plates, cups, and sweatshirt. (and Karly's awesome purple leotard thing that who knows why she was wearing that to my party?)

Now I know what all of you are thinking...
"Yeah, yeah, yeah...we all love Disney.  Who doesn't?"
However true your thoughts may be, I guarantee that my obsession goes beyond the "norm."

- I watched "The Little Mermaid" an unhealthy amount of a few too many times that I full on broke the VHS and my family had to buy me another one.
-My room was lined wall to wall with Disney posters. (they only came down when I decided in my 13 year old mind that my love for 'Nsync was stronger.)
-I was always the latest princess for Halloween: Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Nala, Esmerelda, etc.  Thank heavens my mother appeased my wishes and always did an awesome job of hand constructing those suckers. (which are all, by the way, in my home closet.)


I had the over the shoulder glance down.

-My first time at Disney World when I was 7, I was far more interested in getting autographs from the characters than going on any of the rides.
-I had a paraphernalia of Disney dolls, Barbies, room accessories, etc.
My personal fav was my Aladdin lamp.  The shade glowed in the dark.

Why oh why am I dressed like this?!
I can't decide if it's awesome or embarrassing to post this outfit.

However, I think my family's fondest memories of my Disney obsession is how I personally became the characters.  You're thinking like while I'm playing with my dolls.  Ha...nope.  I mean for days on end I literally was that character.
I think my first was Wendy.
I spent my days singing "You Can Fly" and jumping off the couch.
If someone asked me to do something like, "Hey,'s time for dinner," I would look away as if I did not hear them.  They'd try again.  "Kaycie, it's time for dinner."  Still no acknowledgment.  A sigh and then "Ok,'s time for dinner."  That was the golden ticket and I would graciously oblige any request as long as it was the correct name.
I then switched to Patch from 101 Dalmations.  I think this was my sisters' worst nightmare personal fav.  I spent my days on the same level as our own dog, Matey.  I would walk around, lay around, eat, and do anything Matey would do.  When my sisters came home I'd growl and bark regardless of whether their friends were with them or not.  They were truly grateful when I moved on to Ariel.
Ah, Ariel.  My family probably does not want to know how many forks I brushed through my long locks.  I would set up something like a rock jetting out of water, push myself up on it (you know what scene I'm talking about) and sing my little heart out. guessed it.  Everyone best be callin' me "Ariel" or I would not respond.
Jasmine followed.  I loved getting a towel or blanket and making that my magic carpet.  I'd sing and look out over the edges at the city below. (Aladdin is still my dreamboat.)
I could go on and on...but I think it's safe to say my imagination was awesome.

To this day I still am obsessed with Disney this much.
Thankfully though, I don't walk around in my Halloween costumes or make Alex call me "Rapunzel."
However, I DO buy Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets. (Because why get circles or dinos when Mickey's an option.)
I DO listen to Disney music on a fairly regular basis.
I DO have dreams about being at Disney World/Land.
I DO watch the movies whether I'm with someone or by myself.
I DO dream about gently suggesting enforcing Disney upon my own children.

 Post-EFY day to the Animal Kingdom!

My first time at DisneyLAND!

 Where "World of Color" takes place at night.
I may have teared up the whole 30 minutes it was going.

Disney On Ice in SLC!

My ONE and ONLY complaint about Disney is that going to their parks is so dang expensive!
If I had it my way I'd be there WAY more often, but when funds are low...I just have to dream about being there.

I honestly can't explain it.
Disney makes me giddy and I don't even care.
It's too good of an obsession to try and overcome.


krista said...

3 things:
1. I can quote 95% of The Little Mermaid because of you. You literally watched it about 6 times a day. Not kidding. I know you know this.
2. How could you forget that you didn't just crawl on all fours and bark when you were in your Patch phase ... you LICKED us! Literally, licked us. Without permission.
3."and Karly's awesome purple leotard thing that who knows why she was wearing that to my party?"--hilarious. I'm laughing so hard at that pic and the one of you in your pink hat, that I snorted.

Oh, one more thing ... I LOVE you. xo

Lori said...

Your dad and I are on the floor reliving these Disney Moments!!!Dad's choking! lol The fun part was that you were soooo serious about your various roles. ps don't forget Pochahontas "Just around the river bend!
That was just our home...imagination galore! It's like it was yesterday. I sure have cute kids!