Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2 to the 4, wha?!

It's my birthday!!
So far the day has been great, and it will only continue to grow in greatness!
Here's a little journey of what pictures I could scrounge up in a jiffy...
Enjoy this little slice of heaven.
Hope your day is as happy as mine! :)

On the way to the hospital for the C-section.
Right after she had just directed the choir for Stake Conference. Ha!

All cleaned off.

Daddy's first time holding me.

And now with my mama.

2nd Birthday!

7th maybe? 8?

The big 2-1! (80s party!)


Baseball themed 23rd party!


Lori said...

There aren't words..."I love you and I'm so grateful" will have to do! Love, Mama

Krista said...

Yay for Kaycie's birthday!

(AND for that purple zebra patterned leotard Karly wore everyday when she was like 8!)