Sunday, November 22, 2009

Charlotte to the Russe!

Hello Friends! So if y'all didn't know...I love my job. I really do. I seriously feel so blessed to have it. We get dozens of applications every day and I am so lucky! I feel even more lucky after this morning. Why you may ask? We had a Holiday meeting this the blessed a.m. It was dang early, especially after having been there til 11 last night. But, the doughnuts and OJ made it bearable. I was kinda dreading this coming season because it gets so crazy and I feel like I live at the store. However, after this meeting I am SOOOO excited!! I feel like I know better about what I am doing since I've been there over a year now and we have some fun things to keep us going that our managers told us about. Such as:

1. Holiday Game! We got split up in to teams and the managers are going to give us "x amount" of points when they see us doing things that help in shop lifting or customer service or keeping the store clean....etc. It is mostly to help with loss lifters. So one team is called "Oh no you didn't!" and my team is called "You betta not!" We get a gift card if our team wins!

2. St. Jude's fund. Every season Charlotte Russe raises money for the St. Jude Children's Hospital. The chain as a whole wants to raise over $500,000 for the hospital. That's huge! So I hope we can do that because it's for such a great cause! They sent us pictures and stories to y'know...tug at our heart strings and it worked!

We are pumped to ask people for donations at the registers. And we as employees have been asked to raise at least $50. So don't be alarmed if I ask you for some cash. And if you saw these pictures and heard these stories you will be pulling out your wallets! :] Plus if I raise the most I get a prize. And if our store raises the most in our region our store manager, Brooke, gets TO GO to St. Jude's!! She wants to SO bad, so we're gonna try our hardest to send her!

3. I got a promotion! I am no longer an associate, but I am now the counter supervisor! Hoorah for me! With that comes more responsibility and a raise. Double hoorah! Basically I specialize in the registers...knowing how to add on items at the cash wrap, return procedures, overriding things, etc. I'm not quite as cool as a manager, but I have more to do. I am excited about it! I am also the shoe specialist so I help the associates be more effective in the shoe selling techniques. Emily, one of my managers, and I redid the whole shoe room and it looks awesome! Very proud of it!

The meeting was just to tell us all about how the Holiday season is going to run and get us pumped for it! Black Friday is just around the corner! It's going to be a busy time, but it's such a fun day! We get tacos, a free shirt to wear, and the shift flies by since it's so crazy! But even after that friday the store will always be busy! The mall starts to stay open til 10 on weekdays and 11 on weekends...which is kinda death since we're there til midnight or 1 cleaning up the store! But oh well...what can ya do?!

And how did we end our meeting? No better way then to pick out an outfit and strut down the runway! Ha! I love Charlotte Russe!


Kevin & Ashley said...

Kaycie! Congrats on your promotion! Just in time for the holidays! Dang girl I am way proud of you! Your such a hard worker! And I love how I bought that hat for only like $3 :) Lets hangout soon ok?!?

Lori said...

I loved your post! You always have such joy and enthusiasm for all that you do and this is no exception! I love it! And I love you! Congrats! I'm proud of you!