Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ashley the Kay girl!

This post is dedicated to one of my dearest friends in the whole world: Ashley Kay Sant.

Dear Ashley,
Today is your birthday!
The whole world is celebrating the day you were born!
Welcome to the age of 22!
It's been a pretty good age for me...I'm excited for you to experience it.
I hope your next 22 is just as exciting as the past 22.
Here are 22 reasons why I am grateful for you being born!Summer 05 - Bathroommates!
1. You have a contagious and happy laugh.
2. You could eat Zaxbys every day.
3. We share a SYTYCD obsession.

Summer 07 - 1st week as counselors!
4. Your love for the Braves runs deep.
5. You know the words to Clay Aiken songs...I thought I was the only one.
6. You have gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile.

Summer 08 - Braves game during EFY
7. You're always up for anything that's random or fun.
8. You care about your friends and are loyal to them.
9. You are the best co-counselor ever! [Es-cah-pay!]
Summer 08-CoCos gettin caught in a Florida rain.
10. Your family members are the #1 people in your life.
11. You have pretty handwriting.
12. You love your family dog, probably more than people understand. [Becker & Matey will be the best of friends someday. :]
Summer 08-Pizza Night got out of control...even with us in charge.
13. You're the best gym partner.
14. You let me vent to you when I need to get stuff off my chest.
15. You're great to belt out songs with.

Fall 08-SYTYCD Season 4 Tour and we are excited!
16. You've fallen in love with all my favorite SNL characters.
17. You have a wing. Bahaha.
18. We have matching tye dye HHI sweatshirts.

Jan 09-Denver roadtrip!
19. You have an EFY addiction.
20. Your testimony of the gospel strengthens me.
21. You go craaaazy with me at BYU sports games!

Summer 09-Games night in GA!
And Ashley Kay...I just love you because...

Summer 09-Braves game!
22. You're my friend and you love me no matter what!

Fall 09-BYU football
Happy Birthday Ash! Sorry I can't be there in person to give you a squeeze!


Ashley Kay said...

i love you kayc! thanks soooo much for the birthday post!! you rock my world and i can't wait to see you sooooon! :)