Monday, December 21, 2009

Ward Family

Hilton Head Island is not Utah. It isn't thriving with members of the LDS faith. It isn't common to hear conversation about Stake Conference, Primary, or the temple while you're in Subway. [which still weirds me out while at BYU.] There aren't 5 temples within an hour drive...or even 1 temple for that matter. So with all of these different circumstances, the members that are around, get very close. When my parents first moved here they were 1 of 2 families and they met in various places including living rooms, ice skating rinks, and hotel rooms. Then we upgraded to the trailor, then to two connecting trailors, and finally when i was about 8...we got our beautiful building! And now, 14 years later, we have outgrown that and we have been a ward for about 9 months. It's cool.

Needless to say, when I go home I love it! My ward is my family. A lot of them have seen me grow up. Some since college, some since high school, some since elementary school, and some since diapers. They are from everywhere. Some have been deep rooted in the south and some have migrated over from the west. But we have one thing in common: we love each other. And going to church today, I felt of that love. It's like a grand event when we come home. Hugs and kisses go all around...there are no such thing as handshakes. It's great.

My heart is forever threaded in the Hilton Head Ward.


Lori said...

Yes, you are so loved by your ward family...we are so blessed!