Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bieber Fever!

I don't know what it is, but I am slightly obsessed with Justin Bieber.
Not in the way that all of teenagers are (cause that would be gross since he was born in 1994) but more in the way that I think he is so adorable, so funny, way talented, and his music is clean and fun!
My love for the Biebs started back in August 2009 when McKell had me listen to this song called "One Time" when he barely started getting his name out there.
I was obsessed with it!
Then my fetish for him began to grow and has only intensified with every single he released.
I love that little purple hoodie wearin kid!

His movie "Never Say Never" came out 2 weeks ago.
Have I been to see it 2 times already?
(Yes...yes I have.)
And if any one wants to go PLEASE let me be your movie partner.
For those of you that know me, I HATE paying full price for movies and usually wait until it goes to the dollar theater.
Hence my love for the Bieber transcending full price.

"Never Say Never" is AMAZING.
It takes you through his life, how he was discovered by Scooter Braun, how Usher sponsored him, and snippets of his tour.
You also get to see how INCREDIBLY talented the kid is!
'Fo real. So talented.

Alex was a good sport and has gone both times I have gone!
After the first time he pulled me aside, once the roommates were out of ear shot (except Megan who still heard) and said, "I actually really liked the movie."
Alex loves the Biebs! :)
Justin Bieber is too great not to love.
(And maybe I want to get a Twitter account solely so I can follow J. Biebs.)

This is the video that really got him a flight to ATL.

Sneak peak of the movie, as well as showing he can do more than just sing.

And lastly, this song never gets old. (Plus Usher is...well, Usher. Greatness.)

**In other news**
There have been rumors of Nsync putting on a comeback tour!!
Be still my heart.
I would pay close to anything to go to that concert!
Please release tour dates SOON!


Melanie said...

So I read your blog and I have to comment. First, I'm slightly obsessed with Bieber too, I know, I'm old enough to be his mom, but he is so adorable! Second of all, I saw today that there is a Never say Never part 2 that is going to be released I think Friday, that has even MORE footage. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I plan on it soon! And if you find out about Nsync, please post, because I was OBSESSED with them when I was in high school.

Kell said...

You are welcome for introducing you to the Bieb. And if these rumors of an N*Sync tour are true, I will be there with you all the way! :)

freya said...

kaycie! what a small world, i'm cousins in law with amy lehto and i just saw her blog for the first time and saw you're a follower. crazy! love your blog! hope life is going great!

p.s. i love me some bieber too