Monday, February 14, 2011

McKell's (late) Shout-Out!

A VERY special friend of mine had a birthday on Saturday!
She totally deserves some love, even if I AM a slacker and this is 2 days late. it goes...
Do you know my friend McKell?
Her name is actually McKell Lyn Forbes. (But don't say McKell and Lyn too close together so you say Mckelllin...she might hit you.)
She is kinda short, reddish hair, cute freckles and dimples.
She is one of the most rockin dancers I have ever danced with.
Her style will blow you away! (For realsies.)
She has a lot of passion for art history and gets giddy when she talks about it...especially her main squeeze: Van Gogh.
She loves to travel. And she has been lucky enough to travel a lot in her short little 21 years of life.
She has a Jetta named Leo. (and can stick shift with the best of 'em.)
She turned me on to cottage cheese and wheat thins.
She has amazing taste in music.
She loves old musicals and movies. She has been trying to get me to watch Calamity Jane for almost 2 years now...someday, Kell...someday.
She is a great sleepover friend.
Not to mention...she's HILARIOUS.
But those are her outward things....let me REALLY tell you about McKell...

She is a true friend.
She listens.
She's patient.
She's thoughtful.
She's caring.
She is always up for an adventure.
Her texts/calls/visits always come at the right moment.
After being real friends for like 2.67 seconds she decides to visit me on Hilton Head.
She accepts you for who you are.
She will dance like a nutcase with me.
She was the first person I listened to Justin Bieber with. (That's huge.)
She's beautiful inside and out.
She makes a room light up when she steps inside.
She has a killer smile that is contagious.
She makes you feel like you're the funniest person in the world because she laughs at all my jokes...even if no one else thinks it's funny.
She makes me want to be a better person.

Overall, McKell is just an awesome person.
She has so much ambition and drive and it rubs off on others.
She was in New York this year on her birthday so I could not see her in person.
However, I hope to soon so that I can give her a squeeze like in said picture above. ^^

I hope you know I love you, Kell.
You're great...I mean...gweat. :)


Kjell Crowe said...

i love Calamity Jane. one of my faves!

Your friend sound amazing!

Kell said...

Thanks Kayc!!! Really, I can't even tell you how much this just brightened up my day. I love you! And I miss you! We really need to hang out. It has been ages! Thanks again for being so great and for saying these great things. I LOVE YA LOTS!