Monday, October 11, 2010

Braves Girl

Braves Fans invading San Francisco! we all know the Braves went to the playoffs.
Oh my gracious how excited was I?! SO exciting! We have not made it to the playoffs since 2005! And what's even better is that it is Bobby Cox's last year as the manager and what better way to go out than go to the postseason?
Well, when we found out they were going to be playing their first 2 games in San Francisco my friends and I started scheming on how we could go. We searched for awhile (well, more like my dear friends searched) and we finally found 5 tickets on Craigslist. They ended up being $85 a person...not too bad. So we headed to San Francisco! We left Thurs night at 11:30pm and got into San Fran area around 9:30am. We ate breakfast and power napped at Ashley's aunt's house and then headed to the city because we wanted to go see the Golden Gate Bridge before the game. Twas SO cool! I seriously loved the bridge!

Outside AT&T Park
It was also awesome walking around all decked out in Braves gear! The looks on people's faces and the comments were pretty funny. We got to the park about 2 and a half hours early. AT&T Park is way cool! It is right on the bay and the stadium is just cool. We got there a little bit before batting practice. Ashley and I yelled at one of our fav pitchers (Jair Jurrgens) and told him we loved him and he waved at us. We kinda freaked. Then Derek Lowe (one of our starting pitchers) heard us Braves fans freaking out when they came out for BP and so he showed us the love by doing the sign for "I Love You." We were stoked on life...again. Then Ash and I ventured down by the outfield to say hi to the pitchers out there catching the fly balls. Jonny Venters (a closer) threw us each a ball! And once again...loving life. And the game hadn't even started!
San Fran Trolley
Then the game started. And wow. Giants fans are T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. The most classLESS fans I have ever seen! Middle fingers directed at us, F You's at us, and the most vulgar signs and desecration of the tomahawk chop. Thankfully we had the 5 of us and 2 other Atlanta fans found us, so we stuck together, but if you saw little 1-3 souls in Braves gear they got popcorn and beer thrown at them. People would Boo in our ears. (right ear is still ringing.) Just seriously I can't even describe how awful it was. Especially since we were losing for the first 7 innings. It was slightly miserable. Then all of the sudden our boys really stepped it up and started playing baseball. We tied it up and it went into extra innings! Our closing pitcher got hurt so they had to pull in a pitcher who has sucked all season and somehow he pulled it out so no runs were scored for the Giants. And in the 11th inning our center-fielder, Rick Ankiel, bombed one out of the park and into the bay! Booyah! It was the greatest moment ever! It was literally the best game I have ever been to! It was so exciting, nerve-wracking, intense, glorious, and purely amazing. I loved seeing my boys play and was so proud of be a Braves fan.
Right after we won!
Let's just say Giants fans were pretty much silent as the game ended. You could hear us from any where in the stadium, I'm sure. We were definitely not quiet. We were so excited! It's one of those epic games that everyone wishes they could have been at and well....we were. Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. We were still getting cursed out and harassed as we were leaving, but oh well. I know that at Turner Field they would have been treated differently because our mamas raised us right in the South. You don't treat people like that. Ever. We were all on a high for quite sometime after the game. We headed back to Provo right after and arrived back around 12:30pm on Sat afternoon. Call us crazy. Call us insane. But we like to call it hardcore and awesome! The best road trip of my life.

On a more somber note...the Braves lost both of the games at home. Mostly due to bad calls and our bench 2nd baseman's awful errors, since Martin Prado got hurt right before the playoffs. Yes, I'm so sad. I really wanted to go all the way. But at the same time we had so many bench players out there starting. We lost Chipper. We lost Prado. We lost Jurrgens. We lost Medlen. We lost a lot of those key players that make a huge difference on the field! So for us to still make it to the playoffs and then do as well as we did, I'm proud. We gave a good fight. Every game was only within 1 run.

Another somber note is that this was Bobby's last season. Bobby is the man. I've never known any other manager. I love seeing him waddle/jog on out to the pitcher's mound. I love seeing him sitting there giving calls. I love seeing him get all heated. He will defend his players to the death, which is why everyone wants to play for him. He loves his players more than anything and they are number one to him. He has more managerial ejections than any other manager in history! I am proud of that. That means he fought for his players. He actually got ejected at the game we were at. So we were able to witness his last ejection and his last win. I feel pretty dang lucky.
Unlike Giants fans, Bobby Cox has class. I respect him and I love him. Bye Bobby. You will be sorely missed!
I want the Rays to go all the way now. I hate the Yankees. I hate the Phillies. And I hate the Giants. GO RAYS!

And now I will leave you with this video I took during the summer while at Turner Field. Until next season Braves. I love you! Good season.


Aimee said...

Kaycie, how funny that the friends you went with are my friends too! Of course you know I know Ashley, but I know Lendrum and Tyler too. What a small world! Looks and sounds like you had an amazing trip!

Lauren T. said...

Thanks for sharing the stories from your trip - always love reading other female Braves fans' perspectives! :)

Lori said...

Thanks for the shout out to us southern mamas! Go Braves!