Monday, December 27, 2010

Picture Texts

Ok, so it has been exactly one week since Alex left for California.
I know I'm pathetic, but I miss him SO much!
He flies back on Thursday night and it cannot come soon enough!
I wish I could meet him at the airport and just squeeze him as soon as he arrives, but unfortunately I have to alas, I have to wait an extra few hours to give him a squeeze.
He's been sending lots of picture texts, which helps my anxious heart.
I thought I'd share because these pictures are just too great not to.

First, this little baby...Alex's homemade ornament from kindergarten.
I crack up EVERY time!
Christmas Eve at the Foster home.
Alex & Jack in matching pj's with the animals.
Christmas Day...the cat is glad he's home.
Their newest puppy, Jett...elf ears and all.
I had to answer back with something so Krista and I decided to be funny and take these...
This took much longer to take than you would think!
So maybe afterwards, Krista and I were cracking up! We thought they were funny.

Anyways, I miss my boyfriend a lot.
I know he's enjoying sunny California, but I'm ready for him to come back!