Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry & Bright!

Hello One & All!
I hope your Christmas was holly and jolly!
Mine was.
I must say, it was a tad quieter than what I am used to.
I missed my mother singing.
I missed my father's lap.
I missed Karly's jokes.
I missed my tree.
I missed going to the beach.
However, my Christmas was still grand because I got to spend the entire day with Krista!

Christmas Eve I had to work early in the mornin' to get all the cakes ready for all those who wanted Magleby's dessert for Christmas.
Once that was all out I had to run to K-Mart to pick up some cooking utensils. Then I headed to my friend, Kjell's, house to drop off those cooking utensils and a dessert. She was sponsoring a family in need for Christmas and needed some help. As soon as I heard I wanted to help! It felt so great seeing all of the presents and food people had offered to Kjell to take. That family will so grateful, I know!
Then I headed on up to Bountiful to the house of Krista & Frit. (Christmas music playing the whole trip, of course.)

Later that night we watched The Santa Clause 2 and then chatted on the phone with our fam bam, complete with grandparents.
My daddy always reads us "The Night Before Christmas" so he did it over the phone. (And apparently my mother was acting it out while he was reading. He kept cracking up all through the story.)
Then we attempted to watch "Prancer." I found it at K-Mart for $5 and it was a childhood favorite of mine so I bought it right away!
Much to my dismay, it was not as exciting as it was when I was 10. Pity.
We turned it off, but Kris is too determined to know what happens so I'm sure we will finish it at some point.

I ended my night with talking to my main man and drifting off...

Christmas Morn I slept in! It felt great!
I went downstairs to see Krista and we immediately opened presents!
Santa brought me a stocking! Twas exciting! He brought me a darling mug, hot cocoa, rubberbands, decorative tape, jacks, animal print kleenex, playing cards, & Frit snuck in a $15 iTunes card while Santa was filling it up...tricky little bugger.
Then Kris and I opened up each other's gifts.
She made me some homemade warmers that you can stick in your pockets when you go outside to keep your hands warm! Muchly needed.
She also made me a skirt that is drool worthy! Seriously! I cannot wait to wear it! I will take pics when I do end up struttin' it out in public.
Then we made waffles and watched "The Holiday." Krista loves that movie...I kinda love it too. It is quite the great romance. Jude Law & Cameron Diaz are gorgeous together.
We finished up our Christmas dinner and ate the damage! We had turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and rolls. Delish! It was seriously the best turkey I had ever had!
Then it was craft time! Krista helped me make a headband, a pin, and a ring to wear with my skirt. I'm lovin' ALL of it! Krista is so talented!

To see her other work, click here. She's great!

We ended off the night talking with my favorite middle sister, Karly, and watching "Home Alone." I had only watched it once recently, but fell asleep cause I was SO tired. I made it all the way through. Krista and I were dying laughing! It's hilarious! Frit was not so lucky to make it through. She passed out on the couch. She partied too hard this Christmas. :)
Then I headed my bum up the stairs and talked to my sweet Alex. I love that kid. And I miss him a lot! It's been hard without him. I never want to spend a Christmas with his absence again! Too hard! He had a good Christmas too, which I am grateful to hear!

It was a lovely Christmas. It was so nice to not have anything pressing, spend time with Krista, and relax! I am so grateful for the Savior and for that first Christmas night!
...I can't wait til my niece is born and I can finally see all of my family together! We alll haven't been together since Karly & JJ got hitched! OH HAPPY DAY!!!
Merry Chrissamissa! :)


Lori said...

Sure missed you but I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas with Krista!