Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happiness and Sara Bareilles!

This day is supposed to be a picture of something that makes me happy!
And I have chosen to present you with this pic:
SARA BAREILLES CONCERT!! Look on her...ON the piano! Seriously?!
My roommates and some friends ventured up to The Venue in SLC to go see this INCREDIBLE lady tear it up! I mean really?! She played the piano the majority of the time while singing, but she also played the guitar for a few songs, and then as you can see above even got on the piano...which was blue by the way. I am now determined to have a blue piano in my house someday! It was sick. Sara is one of the BEST performers I have ever seen. She is amazing at getting the audience engaged and yearning for more! Not to mention she is freakin' hilarious! Afterwards Ash and I were like, "I wanna be her friend!" All of her songs are so thought provoking and emotion ripping. I definitely got teary-eyed. Oh my gosh I love her! I want to see her any chance I can now get! I respected her more before, but wow...even more so now!
I know I'm totally gonna butcher this, but I think these are the songs she performed (in a slight semblance of order):

Every version was more incredible than the track! Things were different and her vocals were amazing! She was seriously flawless! If you can't tell....Sara has changed me. She's so inspiring. I think my favorite part of her inspiration was when she was talking about why she titled this latest album Kaleidoscope Heart. She was saying how all of us are like a Kaleidoscope. A Kaleidoscope is a bunch of broken glass, but then when you look through it you see brilliance and light even through all of those shattered and torn bits and pieces. Hello, inspiring! And I will say I was kind of a mess when she did Gravity. I listened to that song every day for months when I was going through my whole Dan thing. I wanted to give him up so bad, but somehow he had a hold on me and would drag me down. So that song really tugs at my heart. It brings back a lot of feelings...not necessarily bad, but just feelings of hurt and being broken. She was fantastic! Go see her if you have a chance!


Ashley Kay said...

i love her!
and you!