Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 27 & Black Friday!

Day 27-Why you are doing this 30 day challenge?

Hmm....Why AM I doing this challenge? Well, I figured it was a good way to share some different insights that I may not have otherwise shared. The topics have been interesting enough where I feel that hopefully you, as a reader, have learned more about who I am as a person and who I would like to become in the future. It has been fun and I'm glad I have a few days left!

Hopefully those of you who ventured out into the crazy world of Black Friday made it out alive! I had to work at the Russe today...who had great sales if I do say so myself. EVERYTHING was either 25% or 50% off. Hello greatness! I for one bought a coat when my shift was over since it was going to be an additional 10% off what I normally receive as an employee. Strangely the mall was not as crazy as it has been in years past. Last year I was at the register for 5 hours non stop ringing up people. I had breaks every 3-5 transactions. It was odd. But whatever.

And I'm sorry, but I have to get on a soapbox for just one moment. Ok, so Charlotte Russe raises money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital every Christmas season. We start asking for donations on Black Friday. You can donate as little as a dollar or as much as 50 dollars. (yeah, good luck getting 50 bucks.) People were SO stingy today! Oh my word! I couldn't believe it. They would have bags overflowing from Nordstrom, GAP, Macy's, American Eagle, etc...and currently buying over $100 at CR and you can't donate one lousy dollar to help children you are dealing with terminal diseases? You do get a coupon for CR if you donate, which would turn around about 50% of people who originally said no. So they were not donating out of the goodness of their heart, but out of greediness to get the coupon. It was driving me crazy! The thing that really got me was that teenagers would donate without thinking about it and mothers would say no. Great example you are. Ok...I'm done. Anyways, if someone asks you at a register if you would like to donate to a charity this season, please do it. The charities need it more than you do. If you would like to donate any money to St. Jude's, let me know! I will gladly take it in to CR and put it in the donations! Plus we're all competing to see who can bring in the most money! I won last year! I raised $187...which isn't a TON, but it made me feel good and when those commercials came on with Jennifer Aniston and Robin Williams, I felt warm inside. So yeah, let me know if you want to donate!

I'm off my soapbox now. After work I did venture out around the mall and other surrounding strip malls to see if there were any killer deals going on. I found some. First stop was the CR since I was there. I got my $50 coat for half off! As well as these comfy sleepers half off as well! I walked around the mall, but nothing really caught my eye. So I went on to Shoe Carnival and Best Buy. Shoe Carnival was great! They had awesome deals going on. I got these boots and these moccasins for $40! At Nordstrom I would've paid $250 for both. Yes, they would've been Uggs, but that's besides the point. They basically look the same! Best Buy didn't really have anything, plus it was nuts in there so I got out pretty quick. My last stop was to F.y.e. to see if I could finish out my Friends and Reba collection. They were successful in the Friends department! It is now complete! And they were only $15 a season! I still need one more season of Reba, but those seasons were on sale for $10! I was in heaven! I was done shopping. I feel like I can't shop like I used to, which I suppose is a good thing! :) I keep getting asked what I want for Christmas and I just don't know. I can never think of anything. But I suppose that can be a later post. Toodles!


Nicole Erin said...

i can not believe my eyes right now. i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love. LOVE. reba. we're having a marathon soon.