Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2 & 3...

Day 2: Meaning behind my blog name.
Well...there's not much to it. My name is Kaycie Quilhot Maurer and my blog title says Kaycie Q. You can do the math. And the little line underneath it is the title of my favorite poem. (Go look it up! It's awesome!)

Day 3: Picture of me and my friends. I had such a hard time because I have LOTS of pictures with friends. So these were the first 2 I thought of that have more than one friend in them. Sorry if you're not in one of them...I promise I love you and you're still my amigo!


Lori said...

the little line under your name says cornbellies rock. i'll check out that poem! sounds like a good one!

Kate Harrell said...

woohoo for being in one of the friend pictures! :)