Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gift cards?! Yes, please!

Yesterday was so so great!
(emphasis on SO.)

It started out with some relaxing in bed. I love those mornings when we both wake up, have no work, no school, and can just lay there cuddling and talking. Seriously the best! My sweet husband is such a little boy in the mornings. He is NOT a morning person so he acts like he's 4...him and all his bed head glory. :)

After we did the dishes and made some bagel sandwiches, we marched our little tails on over to Williams-Sonoma & Bed, Bath, and Beyond to spend our heart's delight cards. Yes, cards. We got over $400 worth of goodies and did not spend one dime! Oh it was glorious. We FINALLY got some pots!!! We have been cooking everything in our giant stock pot! Amongst the pots were other treasures, that I was so happy to receive! Thankfully, Williams-Sonoma had food samples out so that kept Alex entertained there. :)

We also made a pit stop at Home Goods to try and find a jewelry holder (since my jewelry is ALL over the joint) and the perfect wall hanging for our bathroom. We found BOTH and they were both under $10! Love me some Home Goods!

After Alex's one class of the day we finished up our errand running at Smith's to get some groceries. The Elder's Quorum is having a chili cook off tomorrow and Alex wants to win SO badly! Has he ever cooked chili in his life? Well, no, but he is determined to win. So he looked up some recipes, found one he liked, and we picked up those items as well. When we got out to the car we realized we did not pay for the milk on the bottom rack of our cart. BLAST! So we had to go back in. Oh well, we picked up a pumpkin to carve on our way back inside.

Unloading all our newly acquired treasures (while I was waiting on the burger meat to thaw) was oh so fun! Then I made homemade french fries and grilled up some burgers on our George! Alex ate it all up. Success!

Then we finished off our evening by visiting with baby brother, Jack, watching Family Feud and eating our cheap ice cream that was on sale for $2.

So there you have it...a day in the life of the Fosters.

Moral of the story...get married! You get gift cards! :)
(oh yeah...and marriage is just awesome in general. That's why you should do it. :)


Brittany said...

I support this blog post. We actually still have some that we haven't even used yet. Wedding present gift cards are the beeest.

Lori said...

Loved this "day in the life of the Fosters!" Love and miss you both...keep snuggling and loving and having fun!