Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cars. (not the movie)

Any one of these options are looking mighty fine right now:

The fasteners on my bumper came off and screwed up everything on our way home from California (long story), so now the whole bumper needs to be replaced. Add all the different bumper parts, plus the paint, plus the new fasteners...$905 whopping dollars. Um, ok. THEN the next day after we took the car in, Alex and I are driving to a reception in our other car and a rock hits the windshield and cracks it. We're praying it doesn't spread so we don't need to fix it any time in the near future!

I'm thinking we need to find other options of transportation! Cars are so dang expensive! Dang you, modern world, and the need you have for cars!

(Hi, we're newlyweds. We're taking donations for our cars.)


Kate Harrell said...

hey friend! check out your car insurance policy! lots of them you don't have to pay anything to have a chip in the windshield replaced!

brittanyc said...

Go get the chip filled or it will for sure spread with the cold weather! It's usually very cheap or free and a 10 minute ordeal. Stinks about the dang bumper, though. What happened?

Beth said...

Please buy a camel.