Thursday, October 6, 2011

Texting can be awesome!

These two men in my life have made me laugh fairly hard recently through the wonderful world of texting. No...but seriously...really, truly laughing.

The first one came from good 'ole Daddio on September 27th. I was cleaning and organizing our spare room when my phone beeps. I look at the screen and it says "Daddy." So I open it up and it reads: "Dreamed that Justin Timberlake was living w/ us. Your mom kept giving him 20 dollar bills and I had to tell her to stop walking around topless in front of him!"
Ohhhh mannn...when I responded he just said back: "You just can't make that up!"
Yep...that really happened.

Then yesterday while I was at work my husband texted me and it read: "Sooo, I may have figured out that if I yell "hey you turkeys!" to Aladdin and Jasmine, then they have to respond...I know how? Because they were from the Ottoman Empire which was modern day Turkey. And her dad was the sultan...So Agrabah is really Constantinople which is modern day Istanbul." Then a text later: "Turkeys hahaha"
Oh my husband.

How I love both of these men and how they bring smiles to my face.